Mentors, Deana Soberl & Brandy Jett, Predict the Best Agents of 2022

December 29, 2021
10:39 am

Our Guests: Deana Soberl & Brandy Jett, Fathom Realty Mentors
Join our expert Fathom Mentors, Deana Soberl & Brandy Jett, as they share their top tips for training, mentoring, developing skills and prospecting for new and seasoned Agents. Tune into Fathom Live on Wednesday, January 5th @ 1:30 PM Central Time.

Wednesday, January 19th @ 1:30 PM Central Time.


0:00:00.0 Geoff: Hello and thanks again for joining us for another Fathom Live, a livestream show dedicated to giving you tips and insights from experts in and around the real estate industry. It’s good to be back. I’m your host, Geoff Stertz, so glad to be with you here. And our two guests here today with us, Brandy and Deanna, somehow the stars misaligned a couple weeks ago and we weren’t able to have this interview, so I’m so glad things are all back together and we’re here today. So for our audience, Brandy is in the middle, and Deanna is on the right. And maybe just give a shoutout where you’re both from.

0:00:35.9 Deana: I’m in the Raleigh, North Carolina market.

0:00:39.4 Brandy: I’m in the Dallas market.

0:00:41.4 Geoff: Awesome. Before we get started here, real quick, get to commenting on the show. If you’re a regular watcher, you know the routine. Give us a comment, we’ll automatically enter you into a drawing to win a $200 worth of marketing store swag or GoSocial lead service or a photo listing package. So if you just say anything, you’re automatically entered. If you say something, we use it on the show, we would take note of that and then we put you into the drawing five times, that way your chances increase. We’ve had multiple-time winners even, the same person winning several times. So don’t think if you’ve won in the past, you couldn’t win again. So give us a shoutout. Let us know where you’re hailing from. Also today is… If you’re in the Fathom universe, today is a huge day. It’s sort of like our Technology Independence Day as we launched our proprietary intelliAgent 2.0. So we’ve already had a lot of that stuff set up, but it offers so much more functionality and integration to all of our other systems, and this is just the beginning. We’re so, so excited about what’s coming with this new platform, and so new ways to manage your transactions, CRM, and a new marketing store. There’s a lot of stuff going on. So stay tuned, as like I said, this is just the beginning, and we’re thrilled about that.

0:02:02.2 Geoff: So let’s jump right into the conversation. Today we’re talking about who we think are going to be the best agents in this coming year, and of course, we’re not gonna name names, but we wanna understand what you guys think would make for the best agent of 2022, and the reason is because you guys have been around the block when it comes to coaching and observing agents and helping them get to success. So maybe real quick, Brandy, just tell us your background as far as coming into the mentorship program, and then Deanna, and then I’m gonna ask you a little bit about the program itself. And for those watching, we’ll talk… If you’re not a Fathom major, or if you are, we’ll talk a little bit about the program, but then we’re gonna get on to just principles and practices and some really practical tips for expanding your business. So it’s not all gonna be FAST mentorship stuff, but it’s an incredibly great program, packed, full of stuff. So maybe just tell us a little bit about that, starting with Brandy.

0:03:04.8 Brandy: Okay, so I joined Fathom back in 2014, and I was so glad to make the switch. And so I kept hearing about this mentoring program, and I always like leadership and I always like helping other agents, and so I asked my DD, Michael, I was like, “How do you get into this mentoring program?” And so at that time, it was under Dejane, and so I reached out to her and then got certified to be a mentor. And I remember my first mentee, and it was… He was awesome. And so I mentored him and watched him successfully grow into having a team, and it’s all about what he does, and your mentees, what they make out of. You’re there to guide them, but it’s what they take from it and how they apply it to their business and seeing them grow.

0:04:02.9 Geoff: Awesome. Alright, great. And we’ll get more into that as well. Deanna, maybe your background in mentoring. Oh, did we just lose Deanna? I think we just…

0:04:14.5 Brandy: I think we did.

0:04:15.0 Geoff: I think we lost her. I’m sure we’ll have her back here in just a second. So… Well, then I’ll go ahead and feel this question into you… Oh, there she is. Here she is. Alright, we’ve got you back.

0:04:28.0 Deana: I don’t… Yeah, I got dropped, I don’t know what happened.


0:04:32.7 Geoff: No worries. So just talking about your background in mentoring real quick, so how did you get into the FAST Mentorship Program and mentoring agents?

0:04:43.4 Deana: Well, I’ve been an agent for almost 24 years, and this is my third market. I joined Fathom a little over three years ago, it’s three years in October, and I was just always one of the ones that every time somebody had a question, I’ve done my very best to help them. And so I think it was Aaron, that’s my DD, and he was like, “Hey, you should think about mentoring,” and then a couple of other people mentioned it to me. And at first I was a little reluctant because I was like, “I don’t know if I have time for that, I don’t know if I can do it or whatever,” and then I finally gave in and I love it. I love it. I carry a full boatload and I absolutely love it. I love seeing these agents be successful and grow their business.

0:05:24.2 Geoff: So obviously, one of the things we’ve learned over the last two years is that nobody has a crystal ball, nobody knows what’s going on, but if you were to make some predictions about who you think, what would make for the best kind of agent with the highest chance of success, what would that be? And Brandy, maybe kick us off with that, profile of a successful agent.

0:05:47.8 Brandy: Devoted, and somebody that has time management skills, and somebody that’s going to realize that they have to work their sphere. I’m always telling my mentees, “Your paycheck is in your sphere. It’s your job to go find it.” But somebody that’s not afraid to be an agent. There’s too many secret agents out there. I was making phone calls to some of my agents, and they wouldn’t put that they’re a Fathom agent.

0:06:22.3 Geoff: On their voicemail.

0:06:23.8 Brandy: Yes, on their voicemail. It’s like, hello, you’re an agent, tell me all about it. Come on, no secret agents here. [chuckle] And time management is a really big thing, especially. You gotta make time for your family. Your family is your client, make time for them as well, ’cause that’s the big part of who you are.

0:06:41.4 Geoff: Awesome. Great advice, Deanna, what’s your take? Who’s gonna be the successful agent this year?

0:06:48.7 Deana: I think my most successful agents that I am seeing are the ones that are assertive and actually will do the things that I give them to do and put the practices into play. What I’m seeing a lot of this. I have a lot of full-time and part-time agents, I call them, I make them say dual career. I don’t like for them to call their selves part-time because that’s just a stigma. But I call them dual career agents, and one of my dual career agents, he just started in April of last year, closed 27 houses before the end of the year, just absolutely amazing.

0:07:20.7 Geoff: Wow.

0:07:23.6 Deana: So I think it doesn’t really matter if they’re a part-time agent or a full-time agent. It’s just who is willing to be to go-getter, who is willing to get out there and go for it and put their best foot forward and do everything that we’ve taught them to do. And they’re gonna make mistakes, but that’s what we’re here for, we’re here to keep them out of jail [chuckle] and we teach them the best that we can, and we just really want these agents to be assertive and to go out there and not be afraid. I tell them all the time, “People can’t eat you. You’re a pretty good-sized person. They’re not gonna bite you. Ask for the business. Don’t be afraid to ask. Don’t be afraid to say, ‘I’m a realtor’ and talk to people. You can’t be shy. You can’t be an undercover agent, if you are scared of them.

0:08:06.7 Geoff: Great advice. So I’m gonna ask Deanna this one first, and then I wanna ask you both just to give me just a quick synopsis of the mentor program, what it is, what’s required of an agent, who qualifies for it, who’s the best candidates for it. But Casey Devour, I probably butchered that, she said, “What’s your advice for someone that’s uncomfortable about cold calling? Not a large sphere because of major relocation.” So you’re in a new area, you need to find some people to sell houses to. So what do you do?

0:08:40.6 Deana: Well, I have done this three times. I’ve moved three times, I’ve changed markets three times. And what works best for me is open houses. Open houses are tremendous. Even though if I didn’t even have a listing of my own, I would go and get… Hold an open house for someone else. Open houses are tremendous. And cold calling, just know your scripts, know what to say. Wear… Like if you go to the grocery store, wear your name badge, wear your shirt, wear something to let people know because they’re gonna ask you, “How’s the market? How’s the market doing?” And I don’t want you to say, “Oh golly, I’m so busy, I’m slammed,” because they’re gonna walk away, and they don’t care that you’re getting slammed. What you need to say to them, “Well, it depends. Are you thinking of buying or selling?” Get that conversation started, that way it opens up those questions and it leads into appointments. Don’t be afraid, do open houses and learn scripts. Even when you’re not thinking about it, these scripts are just gonna fall into place and you won’t even think what you’re doing is scripted anymore.

0:09:39.4 Geoff: That’s awesome. You told me that sometimes you wear your name badge upside down, or you’ve told people to do this.

0:09:48.1 Deana: That was her. That was… I don’t think I did that, yeah.

0:09:50.4 Geoff: Wait. Was that Brandy?

0:09:52.4 Brandy: It was.

0:09:53.5 Geoff: I’m sorry. Okay, alright, so why would you do that?

0:09:55.7 Brandy: Because people notice it and they wanna correct it, so they’re gonna say, “Hey, your name badge is upside down,” and then you’re, “Oh yeah, I forgot about that.” And then you can go and say, “Hey, I’m with Fathom. I’m a broker or associate broker,” and then it can lead into a conversation.

0:10:11.5 Geoff: There you go. Easy-peasy. Okay, so… So yeah, it’s brilliant. Brandy, so just tell me maybe a 30-second fly-over, minute fly-over of the mentorship program. So who… Maybe I’ll ask you who would be the best candidate for it, and you can tell me a little bit about the program. And then Deanna, maybe you can go through a little bit more of the details of it. But is the mentor program just for brand new agents or is it for anybody, or how does that work?

0:10:44.4 Brandy: It’s not just for new agents. It’s also for agents that maybe feel like they need to restart or… The mentoring program is one-on-one training. So it’s 12 weeks long, you meet once a week with your mentor, and there is an outline for you to go through with your mentor. And so you’re held accountable. You have accountability partner. So I have some agents that will be with me and we’re just revamping their structure, they’re rebranding them. ‘Cause with Fathom, they’re so great because they allow you to brand yourself, build your business. And with the FAST program, it’s all about branding, and it’s all about getting your market and learning how to build your business. And that’s great about the FAST program and great about Fathom.

0:11:39.8 Geoff: Do you find hurdles… I mean when you say build your business, are a lot of people coming in never having owned a business before? Maybe they were an employee somewhere as a… Wherever. And they’re coming in, this is the first time they’re kind of treading water in their own pool. So what… Is that what you’re finding, or is it kind of a mix?

0:12:03.0 Brandy: I would say a lot of them haven’t had a business of their own. So yes, it is building their business from ground one or day one. Some have been an agent but didn’t have anybody to show them the ropes, and they were just kind of thrown into it and they’ve treaded water for a year or two, and then they’ve come over to Fathom, and so it’s restarting, rebranding for them.

0:12:29.6 Geoff: Awesome. By the way, I’m gonna welcome Lakaysha to the audience. She said she’s not a Fathom agent, but she’s really interested. So hopefully this gives you a little bit of a sneak peek. If you haven’t already, go over to, there’s tons and tons of information there about Fathom. But yeah, this is kind of boots on the ground sort of stuff. So maybe, Deanna, what do you do? So an agent… It’s a 12-week program, do I… If I… Obviously, it’s not free. How does that work with me jumping into this program?

0:13:00.3 Deana: Well, our program is designed to where it puts systems and things in place, and no, it’s not free, however, you do have transaction fees that you have to pay, and you do have to pay a 30% mentorship fee for… There’s first three closings that you do. So whether it be a buyer or a seller, the first three closings you do does get a 30% fee that you would have to pay to the mentorship program. After that, even though we’re still meeting, even though I’m gonna help you continuously, after that, all the money is yours. But you do on your first three closings have to pay Fathom 30%.

0:13:41.7 Geoff: Okay. And that’s not a commission split like normal, that’s just for the mentorship program. But a lot of agents that are jumping into this either aren’t closing anything or maybe they have only closed one to three transactions, three to six transactions, or maybe there are six to 12 and they’re just trying to get their business to the next level, but it’s like 30% on three transactions is a drop in the bucket if it means you’re gonna do three more transactions, or even two more transactions. I mean the math works out. So… [chuckle]

0:14:11.4 Brandy: We got this. [chuckle]

0:14:13.9 Geoff: Deanna is, yeah, keeps…

0:14:17.4 Deana: Keeps happening.

[overlapping conversation]

0:14:20.2 Deana: [0:14:20.2] ____ have been online all day and hadn’t had any, I don’t know what’s going on.

0:14:22.9 Geoff: It’s remarkable how it keeps happening like right as you finish your sentence, and it was like, I don’t know if the audience would even know. So we’ll stop making remarks about it. But… Okay, so you do that. So that’s kind of like… But you’re not like… I’m not coming in and having to pay a big fee, it’s when I close. So it’s just as I have success, I knock out those three transactions and the rest… I’m just a regular Fathom agent at that point, paying the 500 bucks a transaction, and that’s it.

0:14:51.2 Deana: Absolutely, absolutely. There’s no hidden fees. It is what it is. We’re straight. We tell you exactly what you’re gonna make. That first week that we meet with you, we go over the guidelines and the structure, and you know there’s never a hidden fee, there’s never any surprises, everything is upfront and honest from the very beginning.

0:15:09.3 Geoff: So Deanna, what do you do with the agents then? Is this a hands-on sort of thing, or is it just… Is it just class material? What is that like?

0:15:20.0 Deana: We do have a guideline that we have to go by. Every week, we have a guideline that we have to go by. But I also go into a lot of hands-on stuff. I want them to experience the real-world things that are actually happening in our market, and actually things we’re all experiencing day by day by day. So it’s definitely a lot of hands-on stuff. And basically, the timeline that they have, that the training department has for us that we go by, our schedules and stuff, you know it aligns very well with what’s going on, but you do wanna add some real-life experiences in there for these agents so they’re not just…

0:15:57.3 Geoff: So what do you do to give them that? What kind of real-life experiences?

0:16:02.2 Deana: We talk about things that I have experienced. I ask them if they have any questions. We go over different… We go over a lot of different paperwork. We just… And I get a million texts a day and calls a day from my agents and things that they’re out in the market needing help or working and needing help with. So there’s just… It’s just a guideline of things that it’s really hard to explain, but anything that they need help with, we’re pretty much here to help them with that.

0:16:32.8 Geoff: Are they doing open houses and stuff with you or…

0:16:36.2 Deana: Yes. I train each one of my agents myself. I have them shadow me myself and do an open house with me, because I don’t want them to go out and not understand open house process or not be able… And I’m really good at open houses. But I don’t want them to go out and not be able to capture a lead and waste their time and be nervous and then get disheartened. So yes, we do open houses. They work their spheres. I give them so many ideas. You get to see that little light come on when we’re talking and I love it. I talk about networking, I talk about kids and school, and how to sponsor the classrooms and get your name out in front of teachers. I get to know my agents and I get to dig in deep into their world to see where there’s a business for them to go get.

0:17:22.1 Geoff: So I’m gonna ask Brandy, what agents are the ones that don’t make it? And it doesn’t sound like… Having talked to you both, it was really exciting to hear, I mean just about all of the people that have jumped into the program with you have done really well, some of them really, really well. I think Bryce Olson, who we had on the show, was one of your agents. And it seems like there was another in the area that was sort of a rookie of the year type of, or close to it.

0:17:53.0 Brandy: Tyler.

0:17:55.0 Geoff: What’s that?

0:17:55.1 Brandy: Tyler Maldonado.

0:17:57.1 Geoff: Gotcha. So for the most part, it’s been wildly successful, but those agents that don’t make it, what’s the differentiator?

0:18:07.5 Brandy: They don’t do the work. So when we meet, we go over the homework and it’s… All the questions are, no, no, didn’t watch the video, no, didn’t add to the sphere, didn’t complete the homework, didn’t fill out the contract, do our practice contract, sometimes cancel the meetings, not meeting, that’s a big thing too. We’re giving up our time to meet with you, and it’s at least an hour-plus. I mean my meetings run over an hour when I’m meeting with you. So those are the people that I know are gonna fail.

0:18:45.9 Geoff: So for Brandy again, if an agent is, let’s say at the six to nine-transaction level and they’re saying, “I really, really wanna… I wanna double that this year. I wanna get to 12 to 18 transactions,” what would you tell them starting here in January?

0:19:03.1 Geoff: It’s a broad question.

0:19:04.6 Brandy: I know. [chuckle] Look at your sphere, and also, are you following up with people that you’ve already closed with? Are you asking for those referrals? Because a lot of people think, “Okay, I’ve already done… I’m done with them. I don’t need to follow up,” but no, you do, you need to ask. Your business needs to be built on referrals. And then also looking for new prospects as well. But don’t forget about the people in your past, because that was your bread and butter at one time, and it still needs to be your bread and better. So go back and ask for that referral…

0:19:41.2 Geoff: Awesome.

0:19:41.3 Brandy: And take care of your past.

0:19:41.2 Geoff: Kinda going back to the question about moving into a new area, maybe you can get a little bit more into that, Deanna, having done this, like you said, three times. How do you do it? It’s intimidating… So just a personal story, this was not in real estate, but I had started a web design business back, probably seven years ago, seven or eight years ago, and I just had to go out and find people, and it was… And I’m a pretty friendly guy, I’m pretty outgoing, but I drove around with this grand intention of going into these businesses and shaking hands and saying, “Hey, we can take your website to the next level, etcetera.” I was terrified. I was terrified. I drove for about 30 or 40 minutes, went back home and put my head in my hands and was just like, I don’t know what to do. It was just so intimidating. And I think a lot of agents feel that based on the kind of questions that we get all the time. So how do you get… What were those kind of practical things? You’re in a new area…

0:20:50.1 Brandy: Well the first thing that you have to do is you have to get out of your own way. Get that drunk monkey off your shoulder, okay. It’s sitting there putting all that stuff in your head, and that’s not true, okay. You gotta have some confidence a little bit anyways, and know what you bring to the table. You gotta know, “Hey, I can do this,” and keep telling yourself every single day, “Hey, I can do this, I can do this.” And that’s where I would always just go into open houses or I can go to Walmart, it’s the craziest thing ever, it drives my husband insane, but I can go to Walmart and I would be talking… I’ll talk to 10 people before I even leave Walmart. And if I’ve got somebody in the vegetable section looking at broccoli and I’m looking at broccoli, I struck up a conversation, and before I’m done, I’ll hand them a business card. I mean it’s just have those conversations. You’ve got to be approachable too. You can’t go walking around with a sour look on your face because nobody is gonna approach you, or they’re gonna wonder what your problem is. So be approachable, get out of your own way, ask for the business, make calls if you’re not afraid of getting on the phone, learn those scripts, those scripts are gonna be important.

0:21:55.8 Brandy: I can’t even stress that enough. Learn the scripts, learn what to say when somebody… When you’re out and somebody does ask you a question. Make the script your own, that way you feel comfortable with it. But you can’t… You just can’t be afraid because… Get out of your own way and stop being afraid because you’re stopping yourself.

0:22:13.3 Geoff: Right, right. Yeah, and the kind of the finish… The conclusion of my story was, after that kind of like, you hit bottom and you’re like, “I need to eat. I need to get going here. Just pick up the phone.” And I started calling people and within just a, I think 10 phone calls, I already had two deals. You know what I mean? It was just one of those things. So…

0:22:37.7 Brandy: You have to keep digging, digging, keep digging and keep digging because if you go and you get scared and you tell yourself you can’t do it and you listen to that drunk monkey on your shoulder, you’re never gonna do it.

0:22:45.8 Geoff: So somebody asked, “What is the involvement after the initial meetings, and then ongoing with the mentees for either of you”?

0:22:55.2 Brandy: The involvement with the meetings, we meet for 12 weeks, generally an hour to hour and 15 minutes. You have homework every single week that we do expect you to fill out. We have things that you have to do, and you have a little timeline that is sent to you, a little schedule that we’ve sent to you every week so you know what your homework is. And then of course, I’m always here. I have to set my hours and expectations because my mentees would call me at 2 o’clock in the morning or email me or text [0:23:25.4] ____ at 2 o’clock in the morning. So I tell them, “Business is until 8 o’clock at night. So you can call me, email me, text me before 8 o’clock. After 8 o’clock at night, send me an email and I’ll answer you before you wake up in the morning.” They all know. That’s the very first thing I tell them because I don’t do business after eight o’clock. But set those expectations and meet with your… Go to your meetings. We’re always here for you. Don’t be afraid of us. Ask us questions. If you get out there and you get stumped, you’re a brand new agent, or even an agent that’s been in the business for two or three years and you have a question, ask us, come to us, let us help you, let us guide you.

0:24:03.6 Geoff: So after the 12 weeks, after they completed the program, are you like, “See you”? I mean…

0:24:07.0 Deana: No.

0:24:08.7 Brandy: No, no, no, no, no, no. I had people, my very first ones, and I had people that I coached in Tennessee 15 years ago that I still help.

0:24:17.8 Geoff: That’s awesome.

0:24:19.8 Deana: Yeah. Yeah, people still reach out to me and I’m excited and grateful that they reach out to me. I’m glad to help them.

0:24:27.8 Geoff: Somebody asked… Just kind of going back to the transaction thing, about the 30%, they asked, “Does the size of the transaction matter, if it’s a land deal or anything else?”

0:24:39.3 Deana: Now, on referrals, if you refer something out, those don’t count towards your transactions, and the mentorship program doesn’t get paid if you refer something out. But no, it doesn’t matter. It can be a small deal or a big deal. It don’t matter.

0:24:52.9 Geoff: Okay.

0:24:55.2 Brandy: And we don’t get paid on leases.

0:24:57.5 Geoff: What’s that?

0:24:58.5 Brandy: We don’t get paid on leases.

0:25:00.4 Geoff: Gotcha, gotcha. Okay, alright, good to know. And then somebody said… Question for both. This is Casey. She said, “What’s your favorite free or low-cost form of marketing for yourself?”

0:25:16.0 Deana: My favorite free or low-cost marketing for myself, of course, is gonna be open houses and talking to people because you can’t meet people if you’re sitting inside behind the door. But like a t-shirt. There’s a lot of people that have Cricket that has a t-shirt ask me for real estate advice. You can do that. On this computer, this laptop I’m on right now, on the back of it it says, “Ask me for real estate advice,” that way when I’m out at Starbucks, I have my computer open, so they will approach me. I get approached all the time when I’m out like that. Just don’t be an undercover agent. There’s so many different things and my goal is… I train my agents how to get out and to generate business and do things organically. So cheap and free is down my alley. I don’t want my new agents spending money until they make money.

0:26:01.6 Geoff: That’s great, that’s great. That’s a lot less intimidating, that you’re just gonna blow all the savings that you had trying to get some deals that may or may not come through.

0:26:12.4 Deana: I definitely teach them how to do it without blowing money.

0:26:15.9 Geoff: So the… I wanna… Just following up with you, Deanna, about open houses. I know you’re a huge fan of them. What do you do… And I’m asking you this because of our previous conversation. What do you do at the open house to make sure people don’t just walk in and walk out and you’re there just shooting the breeze?

0:26:31.8 Deana: Well what I do in open houses is, of course, I’ll introduce myself, I’ll hand them a flyer, tell them a little bit about the home, and then I let them look around for just a second…

0:26:45.7 Brandy: Uh-oh.

0:26:47.5 Geoff: Uh-oh. Here I am, there’s my office. Hey, everybody. No idea. And then we lost Deanna. She jumped off. So this is angle number two, I was drinking my coffee. [chuckle] Everybody can take a breather here as we bring everybody back on. Alright, here we go. We’re all here. Great. I look different from the other angle.

0:27:15.5 Deana: Sorry.

0:27:17.3 Geoff: It’s not a good look for me.


0:27:23.5 Geoff: Alright. I don’t know where we were…

0:27:25.0 Deana: Where I was with open houses. Can you hear me?

0:27:28.8 Geoff: Yes. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, go ahead.

0:27:30.8 Deana: Okay. So with open houses, I will point out features in the house that I think are really a good feature, for instance, if it has a big master or something like that. So I’ll let them look around for a second. And then I’ll go up to them like, “What do you think about that master?” and then I ask them a lot of open-ended questions. “Are you from the area? How long have you been looking at homes?” Another thing that I do is I don’t ask them if they’re working with a real estate agent, because of the simple fact that it’s too easy to say yes. So after I talk to them a few minutes and ask them a lot of open-ended questions and things, I’ll say, “By the way, I’m curious, who is your agent?” and then they can’t think of… And if they don’t have an agent, they can’t snap off a name.

0:28:16.3 Geoff: So you don’t ask, “Do you have an agent?” Because that’s a yes or no question.

0:28:21.2 Deana: That’s a yes or no question and it doesn’t lead into something more.

0:28:24.5 Geoff: But “Who’s your agent?” “Well, I don’t have one.” “Oh, okay.”

0:28:28.0 Deana: Yes.

0:28:28.4 Geoff: Okay.

0:28:29.1 Deana: It’s so much easier to capture people that do not have agents because you can tell, they’ll be like, “Uh, uh, uh… ” And they get so caught up that they’re like, “We just started looking.” “Oh great. Well I’m here to help you.” And that’s where you go into your spiel and give them any kind of information that you have. But that has been my biggest game-changer is when I quit asking if they had an agent and just said, “By the way, I’m curious, who is your agent?” I already assume they have an agent, but I ask them, and that is just something that has really been huge for me.

0:29:00.1 Geoff: That’s awesome.

0:29:01.0 Brandy: I’m gonna try that, ’cause usually I ask, “Do you have an agent?” and they’re like, “Yes.” I’m like, “Well who are they? Because I might know them. I do a lot of work at the board.” So I’m gonna try your thing.

0:29:12.0 Geoff: So just ask them… Yeah. Yeah, ’cause if they say yes and they don’t, and then you say who, then they feel like an idiot, but if you just say who is it right away, then…

0:29:21.4 Brandy: Yeah.

0:29:22.3 Deana: They don’t have… Right. They don’t have time to think of why or anything like that. Yeah.

0:29:27.1 Geoff: So… Well, great. We’re sharing within the group here. So any recommended… Somebody said they’re, sorry, Rashid, “I’m a research guy and relatively new to Fathom. What are some resources that you follow to stay with the trends in the market?”

0:29:46.2 Brandy: I always look at my state, my local association, state, like Texas has a publication that comes out monthly, and so I always look to see what the trends are going on with that. And then my local association sends out the trends, monthly market reports. So I see what’s going on with that as well. And then NAR, National Association, always sends out…

0:30:10.4 Geoff: Tons of stuff, yeah.

0:30:12.0 Deana: Yes.

0:30:13.7 Geoff: Yeah.

0:30:14.6 Deana: RealMLS has a little function called FastStats to where we can go up and click on that and it will pull reports for our area, whatever date you enter in there, and it’ll tell you the average sales price, the average days on market, and that kind of thing. So that’s really something that’s really, really good to actually take on listing appointments and things like that too. So definitely FastStats is awesome for MLS.

0:30:40.0 Geoff: Lakaysha asked, “Does Fathom assign the mentor? How does that part work?”

0:30:46.3 Brandy: So Fathom can assign. Usually you’re working with your DD, the district director, and they’ll assign you. Usually the district director will have you interview two or three mentors, and then the mentee usually decides which one they wanna go with. Or if you were coming to Fathom and you already kinda know who you want as your mentor, then you can can pick your mentor.

0:31:13.9 Geoff: You can request.

0:31:14.3 Brandy: Yes.

0:31:14.6 Geoff: Oh cool. Alright. So in other words, you’re trying to find a good fit, not just get stuck with two people that don’t drive well together.

0:31:20.0 Brandy: Yeah.

0:31:21.7 Geoff: Yeah, any other last tips for people trying to be successful in 2022?

0:31:31.4 Deana: Well, first of all, we wanted to be careful out there and make sure they wear their mask and all that good stuff, because of COVID, we don’t want anybody to get sick, but secondly, don’t be afraid. Go after the business. Don’t stand in your own way. Ask for the business, talk to people, say, “Hey, I’m a real estate agent. I’m with Fathom. And you might not be looking to buy or sell… ” If you ask somebody if they’re looking to buy or sell a home, “No, we’re not,” well, don’t let that be the end of the conversation. Keep opening those questions, Keep sending open-ended questions to them. “I understand you might not looking to buy or sell, but do you know of anybody that is?” Don’t just stop with a no. It takes seven no’s to get a yes. So just because they said no doesn’t mean they meant no. They just meant not right now. So keep asking those questions and keep digging and you will find it.

0:32:19.3 Geoff: Great. Brandy, any last ideas?

0:32:22.5 Brandy: Don’t be a secret agent. [chuckle] There’s no secret agent to real estate. And then also remember about our partners, or not partners, but our sister companies. We have Verus, Encompass, Dagley Insurance, they’re great, and you never know, you might refer them out, and then they’ll remember that and they’ll come back to you. “You referred me to Dagley and they saved me lots of money on my insurance.” So…

0:32:50.0 Geoff: Right.

0:32:51.4 Brandy: “I’m here to you to help sell my house now,” or “I need to buy a house.” So don’t forget about them.

0:32:56.8 Geoff: Right, right. So just a little plug [chuckle] for Fathom, there’s multiple companies working together to make sure that the transaction is agent-centered and smooth, and they’re all on the same team, and so that’s a huge team on your side as an agent to be able to serve your agents and also refer business. So there’s some really great opportunities to mine there. Anything else before I let you go? I really appreciate it, and I feel like it gave folks just a good understanding of what the mentorship program is like. But anything else before I let you go?

0:33:37.5 Deana: Thank you for having us.

0:33:38.6 Geoff: Thank you.

0:33:39.3 Brandy: Thank you for having us.

0:33:40.3 Geoff: Thank you. Maybe you’ll get a couple of requests here when the show is over, so… Alright, well…

0:33:46.4 Deana: [0:33:46.4] ____ to the person out there that has any questions or needs any help, feel free to add me at least on Facebook or whatever. I’m always here to help. I don’t know all the answers, but I definitely know where to go find them at.

0:33:57.9 Brandy: Same for me. [chuckle]

0:34:01.0 Geoff: Alright. Well, I’ll let you go with that. And for those of you watching, again, if you haven’t, or still watching, if you haven’t, go over to, learn about a company that is designed around the agent. Like we said, it’s a multi-company effort to make your success as a… Well make your… Sorry. Make your business as successful as possible, and also giving the tools and technology that you need to do your business well. So give us a look and we’ll see you in the next episode. 

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