Fathom Live – November 4, 2020 | Brent Rickards

October 29, 2020
4:58 pm

Air Date: Wednesday, November 4, 2020.

Our Guest : Brent Rickards

Indiana State Broker, Fathom Realty

Top Moments:

- Setting up Market Reports 10:43

- Using the Personal Mobile App with Clients 14:21

- Setting Up Squeeze Pages for Your Listings 21:26

- Using the Open House App 25:24


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Show Transcript:


Geoff: Brent, thank you so much for coming on the show today. We are going to be specifically talking about kvCORE today, but if you're not a kvCORE user, this is a great education here because you're going to see some of the features that you can use in a CRM like this, and it also just is great to be able to set up something like this in your Real Estate business to better connect with your clients and sphere... So let's jump right into that. And these are lead gen... They are things that would help generate leads or nurture leads that you have... So the first thing that you wanted to talk about was setting up a market report, and also kind of to back up just for one second, when I asked you about topics to talk about, it was with the idea that your agents are very successful in your state. You've grown your state, and it kind of raises the question, how do you do it? What is it that you are encouraging your agents to do that's leading to more effective lead generation?

Brent: Well, thanks for asking. I've been blessed with just some phenomenal agents, we really focused on our foundation being a new state, so as I made a plan to try and grow the state, there were a couple of things that I was looking for, one was a high quality individuals just from a character standpoint, but then two was a producing agent. It's amazing how many agents I talk to that don't even know this particular statistic, and it is this, the average agent in the country does 4.5 transactions a year. That's part-time. At best, that's part-time. In the state of Indiana, it's no different. And about 85% of our agents are part-time agents, there's nothing wrong with that at all, and there's certainly reasons, but there are a lot of agents who would like to be full-time, but aren't because the revenue just doesn't account for that. So we've spent a lot of time, one, attracting a producing agent, but then two, we've been really blessed. We've had some really strong success stories in our state…agents going from 12 transactions last year to 36 transactions this year.

Geoff: Great, so when we talked about some methodology or at least some things that you're coaching your agents to do to keep driving more business, we're talking about these things right here. So maybe let's start with the first one here, you advocate immediate and these are all things that if you're watching right now, you can do this while you're watching and in 10 minutes... Absolutely. You'll have some subsets. We'll hit the ground. Market reports.

Brent: Yeah, so market reports, I'm going to try and leave the audience with some very actionable items and easy things, things that you could do literally, if you just took an hour and blocked it and knocked these things out, you would be much further ahead than where you are today, so market reports is a feature within kvCORE that you set up individually for each contact, so the first thing that I'm gonna suggest an agent does is get some contacts into your system very easy, you don't have to import, you whatever, just manually enter 10 contacts. Okay, I'm gonna suggest that you start with either past clients, if you have more than 10, great, get them in at least 10 or sphere, and it can even be family members, I'll even say put yourself in as one of those contacts because I think it doesn't hurt. For you to see what is happening yourself, so don't use... If you're a Fathom agent, don't use your Fathom email address, use your personal email address. It'll keep things cleaner. But with market reports it is very simple. Put the contact in. When you bring up the contact record itself, on the left-hand side, there is a section that says market reports, and you're gonna click on that, you're going to put in...

Typically, I use zip code, so whatever zip code that particular prospect, your client or past client is in, put their zip code in, and the market report is going to draw information just from that zip code, so it's very pertinent to them personally. The second piece of that is, you're going to define a frequency, kvCORE gives you three options, 7 days or 14 days or 28 days. I recommend 20 days. So basically once a month, they're going to get an automated email from you with pertinent information regarding their zip code, that information is information like current listings, number of homes currently active, closed homes, average sales price, I think even days on market is even on there, and then it'll give you a couple of other homes that you can actually click on that are currently listed, it will give you the highest price listing and the lowest price listing in that zip code, if there is a click on that email, it goes directly to your personal website, and that's key. And we'll talk about that in a minute.

Geoff: Okay, great, so I'm getting feedback on what I'm sending out, but at least I'm getting my name in front of my contacts with helpful information. I get a report from, I think it's Zillow, because we've used their search engine before, and it tells me, here's where your home price is, here's where the market price is, and it's exact same kind of stuff that you're talking about, and I open it every time I'm always curious what my home value is, so very helpful information, not just annoying information that sometimes we might accidentally send... So that's market report. And then from a client interaction standpoint, you said That kvCORE has an app that will also kind of help build that relationship as well as give you feedback... Maybe you talk about that. Yeah.

Brent: So there's actually... kvCORE has at least three mobile apps, they have one that is client-facing, they have one for the user themselves, and then they have an open house app, and we're gonna talk about two of the three, but I do wanna make a point 'cause I didn't on the market reports. All of that activity, if somebody clicks into that, you're going to see it on your dashboard, so it's immediate feedback, and so don't be surprised, don't just set up the market report and never return back to kvCORE, get into kvCORE on a frequent basis. And see what type of activity those market reports are driving, you may be surprised, and I will tell you this happened to me personally, I sent out a market report out of the blue, I saw a past client clicking on several homes on my website... Well, we had just sold him a home two years ago, so he was probably, probably not looking, but it gave me an opportunity to have a conversation with him, which as real estate agents, that's all we're looking for, is the ability to have conversations. So I was able to pick up the phone and say, Hey, I noticed you're clicking on 20 houses on my website, what's going on? Oh, I'm looking for my son.

Now, he probably would have referred his son to me and whatever, but I didn't leave that to chance, I was able to have that conversation with him, I started to work with his son and we got them under contract, so... That's visibility to something that I wouldn't have known. So on the app, you also have, I think most kvCORE users don't realize that they have a Zillow equivalent app that is personalized directly to them, so your picture, if you've uploaded a picture into kvCORE, all of your contact information, your email, etcetera, are all in your app, so promote it, use social media and say, “Hey, check out my personal mobile app.” You don't have to... And the thing is that if you don't want to give your information to Zillow so that they can sell it to 100 other agents, protect your information with me, use my mobile app and you can protect that, so that's something... A way to do it, and you can have fun with it. If you want to be the nosy neighbor and see the inside of neighbor's homes that are on the market, use my app to do it, you can play with it, but the bottom line is, is that if people are using your app, they can schedule showings with you directly from that, they can favor it, and on your dashboard again, you're gonna see all of their activity, you're gonna see what properties they looked at, how many times they looked at it, you're gonna even be able to see what device they looked at it from, was it from a PC or a mobile device.

The other nice thing about kvCORE is if one of your prospects looks at a home, I believe it's like four times or more, it realizes that and it'll send out a text automatically on your behalf saying, “Hey, I noticed you looked at 123 main street, would you like to go see it?” That happens automatically.

Geoff: Brilliant. So, by the way, I need to tell you, Brent. Jose says Brent Rickards has the most soothing voice ever, so in case we didn't know that, Jose has declared it… and it's got two thumbs up. If you're on Facebook, everybody thumbs up that, and let's see how many likes we can get on that particular comment, just so that when people are scrolling, they see that comment and nothing else. Do you know Jose?

Brent: One of my agents. And actually, when I was referring to one of our agents growing... I was actually referring to Jose. Jose came on board with us just about a year ago, and I think that he came on the previous year doing about 12 transactions and he's already blowing through 36 transactions.

Geoff: Maybe we need to get Jose on the show, and then we can talk about your voice as well.

Brent: Jose is the dancing Real Estate agent that you guys actually featured.

Geoff: Up to seven likes, by the way, on that comment... So let's see, and eight, we had just hit eight... We'll check in a little bit. Okay, so both of these applications, the one being a mobile app, the other being the market report, email, those are giving me feedback and communication opportunities with my agents, super easy to set up. In the app, I don't really have to set it up, right? I just have to promote it, it's already native to my kvCORE.

Brent: And just to finish that thought, because I know a lot of people are gonna say, Well, how do I even access my app? Don't go to Google Play or the App Store, if you just download it that way, it's actually going to connect to the closest agent who is affiliated with kvCORE. If you send the app, it'll be connected to you and no one else is, the way to do that is very simple, every Fathom agent has a personal website, that website is usually not always, but usually [email protected] So in my case, it's If I just simply add a /app.php to the end of that, that will drive you directly to my mobile app, oh, it would be the same with any of your other agents, so it's your website domain/app.php, that's the link that you use to text or put on social media or whatever. I challenge you to post that on social media today, Hey, check out my personal mobile app.

Geoff: Alright, so you've got two action steps already, put people into your CRM contacts in there while setting up their market report drip – twenty-eight days recommended, and then publish your app link. I think Vicki has a question: “Is the app just our website link?” No, it's your website link/app.php. Good. Which then kinda leads us to squeeze pages... There's number three. Yeah, maybe just first define what a squeeze page is, even years into marketing, somebody said squeeze page, and that wasn't a term I was... I'm used to landing pages... What's a squeeze page?

Brent: Well a squeeze page is just really an entry into... It's kind of an initial step into your website, in this case, and it's an easy way to create a link, so the example is this, time and time again, and we have these conversations in the band all the time with our agents, I see agent posting links of their newest listing, and they're using a link from the MLS. Okay, great. It puts the picture out there and whatever, and if somebody clicks on it, they're gonna get that information, the problem with that though, is that one, you don't know who's clicking on the link... Okay, so that's problem number one. Number two is if your post is shared, which a lot of our posts do get shared even more, are we blind to who is potentially clicking on the right... The second piece of that is, is that okay? So they click on the link and they go to your MLS. Well, what if that house that they clicked on didn't meet their requirements, but one of the other homes that was displayed on the page did, and now they click off to that one...

Geoff: Good-bye lead.

Brent: You've lost that lead, you have no idea who they are, you have no way to identify them and they're not coming back, so with a squeeze page, what that does is it creates a link for you to be able to post on social media, you can find that actually in...Sorry, I'm looking at my kvCORE. It's called Lead Engine, and under Lead Engine, there's a box called IDX squeeze page. It's literally about three clicks to create the link that then you can copy and paste into your social media posting. The reason why that's important is because if now somebody clicks on that link, they're coming back to your website, to your website, if they like that property right from there, they can request a showing, if they go off to other properties, you have visibility into that and depending on what you selected, you can tell kvCORE how many views of properties you wanna allow before you require that person to a register on your site, so all these two views, I usually use three, give them a little bit of buffer there, but at that third view, they have to register to view any more on my site, and I'll pick up a leader to that way.

Geoff: Very good. And then anything else? I just actually logged in right before the show after you'd mentioned it, and it's as simple as copy and pasting a link and then you can, like you said, said a few parameters if you want to, and then it produces a long link in a short link. You can use it however you want. I was saying too, before the show, let's say you had a stunning picture that wasn't necessarily the featured image on a listing, but you wanna post that on Facebook, we'll post it and put your short length there, and then somebody can click that and it brings you to that squeeze page. So anything else before we get to the fourth one?

Brent: No, I think we're good.

Geoff: Alright, let's move on. So the last one was an open house app, and you said we're gonna talk about two apps, this is the second one...

Brent: Yeah, so again, most agents don't realize that this app even exists, and one other thing I wanna go back to, there are a lot of very knowledgeable people in real estate that recommend that you lead with listings. Keller Williams comes to mind. They talk about listings. Well, the reason why you lead with listening is because statistically one listing should produce two buyers. Well, the problem is, is that very few agents actually ever capture the two buyers, and it's for these reasons, we're not posting it correctly, and we have no way to funnel those potential buyers into anything that we can consistently follow up with. So this is really important, and kvCORE gives you that opportunity to wrangle those potential buyers into your system, so the open house tool is just another outreach of that... It's actually an app, it's best to use on an iPad, and the way I use it, if I'm holding an open house is I actually have my iPad with me standing right there in the foyer and when somebody comes in, it's... Hello, welcome. I'd like to get you registered in and let me get your name, your email address, your phone number, and I'm typing it in. The reason why I do that is because it's a lot higher partner for someone to lie to my face than it is to a computer, or a sign-in pad that's sitting on the countertop. So I ask them directly, “Hey, can I get your name? Can I get a good email address? Can I get your phone number?” And the reason I ask for the phone number is I'm gonna immediately text you all the information pertaining to this house.

Geoff: Now they really can't lie.

Brent: Now they really can't lie... I get that information, I put it in, I register them, and immediately they're getting a text while I'm standing there talking to them, they're getting a text of all the information regarding the home that I'm showing. The beautiful thing about that is I've just captured all their information, so they immediately, kvCORE immediately puts them on a drip nurture campaign, and we'll stay in contact with them.

Geoff: Gotcha. Then, sorry, our camera thing was on me and I felt very self-conscious for a little bit while you were talking, but that's okay because Brent has the most soothing voice in the world, and at this point, 16 other people agree with Jose. So we're really clicking out there, sorry, it's my face, but…

Brent: Jose knows... It's coming back to him.

Geoff: Sorry if it was distracting to look at my face there for awhile... But somebody said they used the Open House app, last Sunday, works great. And so all of this stuff is capturing information from your client to be able to serve them better, and for you to be able to generate more business, so... Excellent stuff. Somebody did ask a question for the squeeze page, can you use just your own listing or any listing on the BLC... I don't know what the BLC is...

Brent: You can use any listing, obviously, you need to... I recommend that you get permission from the listing agent to be able to promote that, but I'll say this, it'll work with any listing.

Geoff: Okay, alright, very good. First of all, four great tips that you can use, you can put it into practice right away. You've worked with a lot of agents and you've helped develop them, you're a coach, a mentor, you’re a state broker, real quick, in 30 seconds, what makes the best agent or where have you seen agents go from just your everyday agent to really excelling?

Brent: It's focused on accountability. And that's why when you and I talked about this broadcast, I really wanted to keep it simple, I really wanted to give some actionable items, and again, very simple actionable items, 10 contacts, get 10 contacts in your system, set them up on market reports, done, use your open house app - go explore it, and you squeeze pages instead of an MLS link to promote your listing, those to me are very simple, easy, actual items, and they will make a difference, they give you an opportunity to compete for more business and capture those buyers who may be out there that aren't represented by an agent, so focus is the big thing. Listen, this industry is full of shiny objects, and what I see is agents just get distracted by the noise, and if they would just stick with one or two things and be consistent with them, I think that they would have a far better chance of success, and so... Our agents in Indianapolis, in Indiana, we really talked a lot about that. And just trying to stay focused.

Geoff: Excellent, just one quick follow-up. Somebody asked, as far as the open house app, is that something you download from the app store or is that also something that you would find in kvCORE...

Brent: If you go in your kvCORE to lead engine, there is a box to download the open house app right out of there.

Geoff: Great, and I assume then when you open it, you sign in with your information and then it's kind of ready to go for it...

Brent: Yeah, it's really easy. You tell the day thing, you're gonna hold the open house at the time that you're gonna help pull the open house, the property. And then you say, start open house and you're ready to go.

Geoff: Very good. Brent, thank you very much, we may follow up with Jose because that might be fun and maybe we'll get the two of you on here and that'd be kind of fun to do for you guys... to hear you harass each other.

Brent: If I don't kill him before then.

Geoff: But just to hear that story, so maybe we'll do that. For the rest of you, it’s time to get to work, you got some homework there to do that will help you and... So get to work with that.




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