The Insurance Matchmakers

September 16, 2021
4:51 pm

Our Guests: Robbie Cox and Angela Kreig, Dagley Insurance

Join our colleagues Robbie Cox and Angela Kreig from Dagley Insurance as they highlight the awesome service and support their team provides to our Fathom family and clients day in and day out.

Wednesday, September 22nd @ 1:30 PM Central Time.

Show Transcript:

0:00:00.0 Geoff Stertz: Sites from experts in and around the real estate industry, I’m your host, Geoff Stertz. So glad to be with you here today. We have with us today, Angela Krieg and Robbie Cox from Dagley Insurance. Guys, welcome to the show.

0:00:12.0 Angela Krieg: Thanks for having us.

0:00:12.7 Robbie Cox: Yes, thank you.

0:00:14.7 GS: Yeah, excited to talk about insurance stuff today, and there’s some cool stuff about Dagley, so we’re gonna be highlighting that and just hearing how you can serve our agents in just a moment. But before that, real quick, start commenting. Give us a shoutout. Engage in the show, interact with us, because doing so is not only fun to have this kind of two-way thing, but it also enters you into a draw. And you can win one of three packages, you can do win a yard side package, a photo listing package, or a leads package from GoSocial Agent, all valued up to $200. So make sure that you get to commenting, and that’s all you have to do, is just say, “Hey, I’m Geoff from Wiley, Texas.” And there you go, you’re already entered. If you do comment though, and it’s used in the show as some sort of question or segue, then we’ll give you more entries into the contest or into the draw, so make sure you do that. Our last show’s contest winner, who also happened to be a guest, and this is where we just pick a name, is Dave Budney, so he was on…

0:01:23.0 GS: And by the way, if you haven’t seen that episode, be sure to do that and you can find out on the Fathom Life Blog or YouTube channel or Facebook. So Dave, congratulations. Not only were you a guest, but you’re also a winner. Our sponsor today is Encompass Lending, and Encompass makes the dream of home ownership a reality through concierge customer service and [0:01:44.4] ____ actions, and a can do attitude. And that same attitude, you’re gonna find I think with Dagley Insurance, I know you will. And so looking forward to hearing what you all have to offer today. So Angela and Robbie, thank you again for joining us.

0:02:02.9 RC: Thank you for having us.

0:02:04.5 GS: We’re on, we’re live. This is it, it’s happening. So for starters, when we were talking earlier, you shared… Robbie, you shared a really cool story about how your company sort of preemptively got ahead of storms and were able to help some of your customers, and I’d love to start with that.

0:02:25.6 RC: Absolutely, and I gotta give credit where it’s due, Jordan Draper in our organization, has been able to put together an overlay basically, where he can look at the geography of all of our policy holders and where they live, and then overlay the storm modeling for this latest hurricane that came through and was able to preemptively send an email to every customer in that path with the carrier that they’re with, the policy numbers and the claims phone numbers, along with our contact information to our claims department, just preemptively sending people the value information they need before the storm even hit. And so, I just can’t say enough about how great our operations department is, and that really starts with Jordan Draper.


0:03:33.4 GS: In insurance for over 20 years now, which is really exciting to hit that mark, you started as a franchise of a national brand. Why did you all decide to go independent?

0:03:44.3 RC: That’s a great question. I think the biggest thing is being able to really represent our customers first and foremost, and that by representing what essentially is over 25 different carriers, it allows us the ability to place the right product at the right time with our customers and really just do what’s best for the customer overall, and don’t try to force them into a particular one shoe or as you might say.

0:04:16.8 GS: Okay, so that’s why we titled this episode insurance matchmaker, ’cause you guys aren’t really forced to use one company or one particular product line. You can actually get the right policy for the right people, whether that’s a bundle or from here and there, depending on what their needs are, which is awesome. So obviously, I wanna talk about homeowner’s insurance that’s gonna be relevant to our viewing audience, but just so they know, and this could end another way to serve their clients, what other types of insurance do you all offer?

0:04:51.9 AK: So we get asked that question a lot. And so definitely, like you mentioned homeowner’s insurance, auto insurance, and we also handle things like your watercrafts or RVs. We have a commercial division that is a very robust, great commercial division. So keep that in mind for any businesses or clients that you may have that have businesses. There’s a wide array product that that division has, also investment properties, that’s something that a lot of realtors, they personally have in investment properties, because they know how valuable real estate is. And so we have some great products for them to be able to ensure that that are very convenient and affordable, and… Am I missing any products, Robbie? Did I… Umbrella! Umbrella, that’s actually one of the most important, umbrella policy. So when you really wanna be protected and it really… A lot of times, it’s not as expensive as people may think, it’s definitely worth getting a quote, and our agents are trying to be able to do that.

0:06:00.3 GS: Awesome. And funny, I was gonna ask you how many states you’re in, but somebody just asked, are you in California yet and if not, when? So, what states are you in?

0:06:10.3 AK: So we are in California, and I’m saying that because I’m actually a California girl, born and raised. So I’ve been in Texas since 2003, and we are in Texas, we’re very large in Texas since this is where we started 20 years ago, but we have carriers throughout the United States. Right now, we are in 47 states, and Robbie, do you wanna speak to… Where if we’re going to be in the other ones any time soon or?

0:06:40.3 RC: Well, I know operations… That’s a good question. Our operations team is currently working on covering the entire lower 48, and hopefully that’ll be finished out by the end of the year. So our goal is to finish out the quarter with the entire lower 48 covered by Dagley insurance. And so I think we’re only three states away.

0:07:00.6 GS: Wow, pretty good.

0:07:01.6 RC: And so we’re very, very close. And what’s really the benefit of that is not only can we ensure folks where they live, but then their family members, or if they have rental properties or vacation homes and they have… Maybe they’re investors, they live in California and have investment properties elsewhere or… We can take care of it. Even if we can’t do it with the same carrier, we can piece it all together and have it under one agency where you have one contact to manage it.

0:07:28.6 GS: Right. And in the case of real estate too, a lot of people are moving in or out of state, and for our Fathom family, you might say, “Hey, I know an agent or I know who can pass you off and you don’t have to mess with your insurance stuff because you can call your same agent or your same team and they can just pick up where you left off with the new home.” So really cool there. Also, which insurance companies do you provide insurance through?

0:07:55.9 RC: That’s a great question. Many of the carriers that you would… I guess most of the audience would recognize are Nationwide Insurance, Allstate, Liberty Mutual, Safeco Insurance, Travellers Insurance, Progressive, I’ll say MetLife, Encompass, Hartford. There’s just so many carriers. Those are probably just our largest brands everybody’s recognized, and then of course, we have all the specialty products, everybody needs too, which would be flood insurance. If they’re on the coast, they need wind or a beach plan or if you’re out in California, I know a lot of folks have to get separate fire insurance or earthquake insurance. And so we have all the specialty products as well, but we have all the markets to make it work.

0:08:44.9 GS: Somebody asked, and you may have said it, you guys do renters insurance as well?

0:08:49.3 AK: Yes.

0:08:51.2 GS: Okay. And then somebody else, Angela…

0:08:52.9 AK: I knew I was missing one.

0:08:54.0 GS: Yeah, that was from Yvette who’s also been a multi-winner because she’s so faithful to watch this and learn tons of stuff, and she gets tons of swag because she’s on here. So good question. Also, Angela Wilson asks, what does the umbrella policies cover typically?

0:09:14.2 RC: Yeah. Sure. I’ll go ahead and jump on that. The main piece about an umbrella policy is it’s an umbrella liability policy. So the way I like to describe it is, is you have your home, your autos, your rental properties, or your boats and RVs, and all your toys, and you have all this liability risk, and the umbrella just sits over on top of it in case that liability is not enough. So especially for folks that have a lot of property, and a lot of those toys or you have a pool or a pond or I guess the lake. You have kids, they do silly things on trampoline or dogs, there’s all kinds of reasons why you might need one. So we definitely… It’s pennies on the dollar bill though, to protect you and your family. And I always will tell folks that one of the most important policies you could own… It’s good that we can protect your shingles and your bumpers, but the most important thing we can protect is your finances and the future of your finances for your family.

0:10:16.3 GS: Right. Okay. So why would I not just go to… And I know you answered this a little bit already, but why wouldn’t I just go to Nationwide or Progressive or one of these companies directly? What’s the advantage of going through Dagley?

0:10:31.3 AK: So like we mentioned, if you do work with Dagley Insurance, you have a gateway to all of those companies, and rates fluctuate depending on the area, and really insurance is a snapshot in time. So if you’re going to just one carrier, you may not be able to get the best rate at that time, depending on where it is. So with us, we’re able to put your information in our system and our agents, our insurance agents are absolutely amazing. All they do is quote all day long. So they quote more than the average agent because they’re sitting at their desk, they’re available for our clients, your customers, and they are just very experienced in what they do. They’re very familiar with all the different discounts that are available, and again, when it comes to other products like umbrella insurance, things like that, they’re gonna be able to get all of that with a Dagley insurance agent.

0:11:41.6 AK: Another thing is accessibility. So our agents are dedicated to doing what they do best. So the agent that is gonna be providing a quote to you or your clients is there at their desk focused on that. Then we have a processing team. The processing team has been dedicated to getting all of the paperwork, crossing the T’s, dotting the I’s and getting everything to the lender, so there are no delays with any of your closing. So you don’t need to worry about that. We had one the other day, that got… Policy got issued and done in a day. The closing was two days away, and there was a last minute change that the fire couldn’t get insured. So we were able to find a great product for them and get that taken care of. And then lastly, we have an account manager team, and that’s really where we shine because when there are claims, which nobody wants, but unfortunately they do happen, we are able to… You have a dedicated account manager, and I think we’re gonna talk about that more in a little bit. But you basically have very personalized service with Dagley Insurance. You can count on being able to get a hold of somebody and getting what you need in a timely fashion.

0:12:58.7 GS: Real quick follow-up to earlier, Matt Thompson, I’m sure he’s not asking for himself, I’m sure he’s asking for his clients on this. But do you protect barns, animals, etcetera?

0:13:11.2 RC: Yes, I’ll go ahead and jump in on that one. We do have an agricultural program that really runs… It’s a division of the commercial division, and so what I always ask folks is, if you’ve got a commercial or farm an ag type risk, we can take that through Rachel Wood, who’s our commercial director, she does fantastic exam with her team, and we’ve got particular commercial producers, commercial’s a little bit more niche, and so it kinda has to be funneled to the right producer that knows that niche well, and that works on our farm and ranch side and knows it well. And so she would either help someone individually or she would then direct that over to one of our agents that specializes in the farm and ranch.

0:13:54.7 GS: So just following up on what Angela said then, when I have an issue or I’m making a claim… I have a dedicated agent, but I also have a team. Both of those things. Alright.

0:14:11.2 AK: Yes, so when you become a policy holder with Dagley Insurance, you will receive an email from your dedicated account manager, they are there at any time to do your on-demand review for you, and at the same token, though, is if you work with your agent that quoted your policy and took care of that, you can reach out to them as well, they can take care of you or they’ll get you with your account manager. So Robbie, you wanna expand on that.

0:14:39.3 RC: Well, it sounds similar to our Fathom agents are pretty familiar with this concept because you have your district director, that’s kind of your immediate go-to if you have an issue, but then you also have agent services and state director and other people that you could contact. So the idea that you have multiple levels of support, but you do have that one person all the time that’s on top of your particular insurance needs, if that makes sense.

0:15:02.8 GS: That’s an excellent way to describe that.

0:15:05.3 RC: So, go ahead.

0:15:05.5 AK: And one thing that really is great is that those account managers really keep an eye on everything, so whether that be policy cancellations that may be happening or a rate increase, they’re really there making sure that they’ll notify you if things like that happen.

0:15:24.9 GS: Matt says of course, it’s my client. Yeah, yeah, we believe you. He’s got a little thing going out there in Colorado, so I was thinking about it, if I have… Well, let me ask it this way, and I’m going totally off script here, are you guys in the business of saving people money?

0:15:50.0 RC: Yeah, I’ll jump in on that one.

0:15:53.0 GS: I know it’s kind of a loaded question, but…

0:15:56.9 RC: It is, it is. And what I would say is, in insurance, you either save money on the front end or back end, and sometimes you get very, very fortunate and we can save you on both. And so it’s all about risk and it’s all about timing in the market with insurance, and so not everybody has the same risk at that right time, I try to use that carefully. So if we can shop the markets and the markets look favorable for you at that moment in time, then we get to give you great coverage, everything you want for coverage and needs. And we get to give it to you at a greater price. Hey, that’s a win-win, slam dunk, easy choice, right? But if we do all that right coverage, if we hit, write all the right coverage for your needs, and then that claim situation occurs and you’re covered for it, and we got you the right deductible that you’re comfortable with, and all the endorsements that you’re comfortable with, and it’s covered, then we saved you money on the…

0:16:47.6 GS: Then we saved money, right.

0:16:50.7 RC: Yeah, so the idea, and I always tell people in insurance, you can have… I don’t wanna call it a painful conversation, but you can have a very… Obviously, if you don’t take the time, and it doesn’t take a lot of time nowadays, the systems are very, very smart to find a ton of information, to save you time on the front end, at least ours are. And so the first conversation people are always like, it’s gonna take a long time. The first conversation is the most painful one, and we’ve tried to take away as much pain from the first conversation as possible to drill down what your needs are and then go shopping for you and then provide you the best value. If we don’t take the proper time and ask the proper questions for what your needs are right now, we guarantee a painful conversation later. And so we just don’t wanna have the table conversation later, we want to have a relationship for life, and we wanna protect our clients and make our realtor and lender relationships look great, and have their client’s experience be exceptional, so they don’t want to refer that lender or that realtor over and over and over.

0:18:00.1 GS: Andre here asked a great question, he said, so clients can start a claim with the account manager to save time versus calling their carrier directly, is that true or can they do either?

0:18:12.1 RC: I’m sorry I thought Angela was going to jump in on that.

0:18:16.0 GS: No, no, that’s good. Like in other words, I’ve got an issue, do I pick up and call something started on fire or whatever, do I call my Dagley person or do I call… Say it’s Nationwide or somebody like that.

0:18:26.3 RC: Well, I think what’s important is if someone has a fire, it’s like an emergency, just call the fire department.


0:18:32.6 GS: Alright, alright. Okay. So I had a fire yesterday…


0:18:37.8 RC: Yeah.

0:18:39.9 GS: Thank you for…

0:18:40.9 AK: That was a good one.

0:18:42.7 GS: You’re right, you’re right. If there’s an issue, don’t call your insurance agent, call emergency number, 911.

0:18:45.9 RC: Yeah, yeah, we wanna call the fire department. Let’s get the fire or let’s call the plumber or the restoration company first, get the water stopped, if it’s a leak type of thing. And then call us and we’ll help you get the claim filed the next day. So what I always recommend is, this is what I always suggest to our clients is, if it’s just obvious, we’re talking about home right now, but if someone is in an auto accident, their car is just totalled and everybody’s hurt. Well get to the emergency room, get your car towed, then we’ll file the claim and get everything squared away. But if it’s questionable, I have folks all the time where they’re like, “You know, I don’t know if I should file a claim on this or that, because they don’t wanna have five open claims.” They can always contact us and we can help them. Because maybe they don’t know if it’s in their deductible or not, and it’s one of those questionable claims, but it’s not like immediate need, but it needs to get done.

0:19:38.0 RC: Then you can call and ask for advice. Should I just get quotes on this, ’cause I have people all the time… Yeah, that’s covered. But if you’re deductible is 2500 and it’s a $1200 problem, don’t open the claim, save yourself the heartache of having five open claims on your policy, ’cause that also shows up on your loss history report, even if you didn’t collect any dollars. So we wanna be giving good strong advice, but where there’s no advice to be given, you just need the service, and it’s after hours or weekends, literally, most folks have the carrier information, an app on their phone, you’re more than welcome to open the claim at any hour as well, if it’s just plain obvious, I guess. And our claims team, even within the agency, follows up every five days after that claim to make sure that the carrier and the adjuster are actually being responsive and meeting your needs and expectations.

0:20:28.5 GS: So how would having… I’m an agent, how would having… You’ve obviously given a lot of benefits, but do you have any examples of how having your own corner is going to make my clients experience better?

0:20:45.8 RC: Well, I think we have to look at the window in time of where would an agent want to include us. That window and time in the transaction is usually best served right at when the contract goes in, it’s executed and now you’re hitting the option period, right. And so when you hit that window, a lot of times at the end the day that you’re a client through the realtor, I was wanting to make sure they have peace of mind that they just put an offer on the right property that’s gonna be best for them for the long haul, right.

0:21:22.2 RC: And so oftentimes what we can do besides a complimentary quote is run the loss history on that property and the flood zone determination and all the things that we need to do to make sure that when they send the inspector out, that they can be rest assured and have that peace of mind, not only in the coverage they’re gonna get, but in the peace of mind and in the property that they’re buying. And so it’s not to raise red flags, it’s just to let them know, “Hey, there was this claim, there was a water claim or there was a hail claim and this is the year when it occurred.” And so as you’re expecting your home, you want to just make sure that those things where you get either the receipts or the invoices or you have your inspector really make do a little bit more of a thorough job of those areas, make sure it wasn’t DIY Duck-taped together.

0:22:10.9 GS: You’re right.

0:22:11.8 RC: Or with PVC, it was done professionally, and if they have peace of mind and then the insurance company has a peace of mind about it as well to write the policies, then we’ve given them a good price, they have good peace of mind as they go through the transaction and the realtor just looks better as they work through it. And everything gets done ahead of time, it’s all proactive and connected with the lender and everything’s out to title and clean on time, and there’s no… What’s the word I’ll use, there’s no ambulance, fire drills, whatever you wanna call it, to get insurance at the last minute, because Angela shared a story today where…

0:22:50.9 GS: So I was just wanna say, that happens where you get it last minute, but this is not an advertisement that you should do last minute insurance as an agent.

0:22:58.7 RC: No, no.

0:23:00.2 AK: Only if you’re a last minute person like me. [chuckle] We can take care of you, but…

0:23:06.9 RC: We do have the systems, yeah. We have the systems to be last minute, but we prefer to give more of a concierge proactive approach, consultative approach.

0:23:21.9 GS: So introduce your clients to Dagley, should that be the insurance company you use as soon as makes, as soon as possible, really just… Let’s get you an agent, let’s get your conversation, see what you’re looking at, and that way you’re ready to go. There’s a bunch of questions here. If you don’t mind my throwing them out, so can Dagley match quotes from other companies, is there a direct advantage for Fathom agents to use Dagley versus companies they’ve used many times in the past, and then are bundling packages available? So I just thought… Choose which ones you wanna answer there or all of them or whatever.

0:24:00.0 AK: I’ll take the easiest last one. Yes, bundling is available. So definitely, I think on average it’s about, you save about, is it around 40%, Robbie, when you bundle roughly.

0:24:12.9 RC: Yeah, roughly…

0:24:13.9 GS: When you bundle your home and auto.

0:24:15.9 RC: If your home insurance discount is roughly 40% just by combining the auto, so that’s the easiest one. Yeah. So, I think the other question, if I remember right was around, what are some of the benefits for Fathom agents? In most cases, in most states, there are processing fees, and so we waive those for all of the Fathom family.

0:24:41.9 GS: Sweet.

0:24:43.1 RC: So literally, it’s just a complimentary service, we’ll look at everything for you, and if it looks like it’s gonna be a good fit for you now, great, we can help you with transitioning all of your policies that you can through our escrow team too, that helps with that, and then there’s no additional cost, you just can save money. If it doesn’t work at this point in time, because of tickets, claims, accidents, not up to your renewal, then you can also cycle it to when those tickets and claims fall off, or at your renewal when that might look better. It’s kind of like a refinance on a loan, what are the rates at this moment and does it make sense to reply them, insurance sometimes is that same way, what does the market look like right now and your circumstances.

0:25:27.5 RC: Well, right now is not good, but hey, I know that ticket or accident is gonna fall off, or your renewal is coming in a year, how about I call you back at that day, is that okay? And then a lot of agents also say, “Hey, we buy into your service team and that dedicated serviceman account manager and your claims experience, and like we buy into that, so can I just… I know it’s not gonna work financially right now, but can I just literally do an Agent of Record change of my policies over to Dagley right now and [0:25:53.9] ____ to begin servicing.

0:25:55.1 GS: Cool, very cool. And then do you match quotes from other… Policies from other… Yeah, I guess policy quotes from other companies?

0:26:10.0 RC: Yeah, I don’t wanna get too much into really discussing too much of that because of some of that sometimes is at the carrier level about quote matching, so to speak, every state has to file rates with the state, that’s not an agency thing. Now we can shop the carriers, we can match up coverages, but the price, literally, if it’s with the same carrier, the price should be the same if we match up the coverages, endorsements, and discounts, but as far as price matching on commercial, heck yeah, that’s all the negotiation with the underwriter from the get go, but on personal that’s so state-driven by the Department of Insurance that that’s a little bit different animal altogether.

0:26:55.3 GS: Gotcha. Well, thank you for that. Thanks for explaining that. And also just something that we were talking about last week when we talked was… There are insurance providers, and I should say insurance agents out there that are… They’ll raise their hands and say, “I can get you the cheapest insurance anywhere.” And you might like that, you might be able to say to your clients like, “Hey, I’ve got a guy that can really… He can work a policy and get it down,” any words of caution on that?

0:27:31.0 AK: Yes, definitely, the coverage is really what’s most important at the end of the day, so our agents are gonna look out for you, look out for your clients and educate them on what the cost is and maybe options that they can go without, or they can add on. Robbie?

0:27:50.8 GS: Right.

0:27:50.9 RC: Yeah. This is a lesson I learned very early in this business, I’ll just give a quick story, and I still remember the story, and it was literally within my first six months of the business. I had a customer who was just adamant, he did not want water or slab leak coverage, and said he would even sign off that he didn’t want it, to save $200. It was his first home, and he was just adamant he was gonna save that $200 for the year. And six months later, after moving into his first home, first time home buyer, he ran into a slab leak, and a $15,000 issue that he couldn’t afford. So what I really learned early on is, is I just needed to do a better job of explaining the value and that what it means to take care of my clients and our clients, and how we’ve really done that as an agency over the years. So I always just mention to our agents, say, it’s a red flag if a company is usually saving somebody way too much money. That does happen on occasion, if someone’s been somewhere a really long time, sometimes there can be significant savings; however, I would caution folks, that if you’re getting a big savings, a good story that I will always tell people is, or what often happens, especially along the coast, in our tier one counties is, which just means it’s got a high coastal risk, is folks will get a home insurance quote and they won’t realize that it’s actually missing wind coverage, and it’s a $1000 less.

0:29:28.2 RC: And they’re like, “Well, I gotta go with them. They’re a $1000 less.” And so I just always say, let’s take a broader look at what you really need, and trying to do it as easy as possible, but cover people properly. And then we’re gonna do it at the fairest price we can with the 25 markets or plus that we have in your area, and if we take a… We’re here for you first at a fair price, usually the coverage, it usually comes out to be a… I hear every single day in the office, I hear people right now, like, hey, I saved folks, x amount of dollars, even from the Fathom agents, I hear our average, we’ve been able to save folks nearly $700 a year. So you hear that we’re saving people money, but at the end of the day, we just wanna make sure that we know that while we might save you money, what you really appreciate about us is that we’re gonna provide you the peace of mind that you’ve got the coverage you need.

0:30:22.1 GS: And again, not to cast, there’s some great insurance independent insurance agents out there that work for these very reputable companies, but there’s a little bit of a different model when it’s just… It’s an independent agent that’s given as many policies out as fast as possible to get commission versus sort of a team model where it’s like… Obviously, Dagley is not a fly-by-night company. You guys have been around for 20 years, and you have a reputation to uphold and all of that kind of stuff. And so you guys are working together as a team to drive insurance versus perhaps somebody that’s just independent trying to get that next commission cheque.

0:31:01.5 AK: Well, and our responsibility is to our policy holders, to our customers and to your clients. That’s really the main difference.

0:31:10.8 GS: Last question, so my wife and I were actually looking at an insurance policy this morning that’s coming up for renewal, and it looked conspicuously higher than our last… That way you remember, we have to dig it out and find out what did we actually start this policy at, do you offer any sort of protections against like sneaky price bumps for insurance?

0:31:37.7 RC: Yeah, sure, I’m sure Angela is… We’re looking at each other as to who wants to jump on this easy one.

0:31:42.7 AK: Yeah.

0:31:42.8 RC: We have what we call the premium increase protection plan, so it’s part of our Dagley Platinum Promise. And so we have systems built in where you’ll get a text, an email and then a phone call from your account manager to schedule a review, if your total package ever takes a bump more than 10%. Now, we have on-demand reviews, you can have those at any point that life changes, and it’s gonna cause an increase, I mean I had a teenager who decided to drive last year, boom I gotta have a review right now, right? But if you have an increase at renewal and you’re just kinda have it on auto-pilot, you wanna know, because all of a sudden, three months later, you call, what the heck happened to my bank account.

0:32:21.3 GS: Right, right.

0:32:22.2 RC: So we do have that increased protection plan, and people love it to know that we have multiple markets and that built in, they don’t have to worry about it, they know they’re gonna get contacted if they get a big jump.

0:32:32.1 GS: Awesome, that’s my last question. Do you guys have anything else that you wanna share with our agents?

0:32:36.3 RC: Well, we know insurance is not really sexy, Geoff. So we appreciate it, if you’re still on and you’re still paying attention, I think you deserve a prize, so somebody please comment, you may get a prize. Alright?

0:32:49.5 GS: Well, you need to do what those big insurance companies do, either light somebody on the fire, have something crash, burn, something terrible happen.

0:32:58.0 AK: I’ll volunteer. I’ll do that.

0:33:00.3 GS: Alright, alright, maybe when we have you back on, we can arrange something like that is just a little bit more… Something pyrotechnic anyways.

0:33:06.7 RC: There we go.

0:33:10.3 GS: So, well, we really appreciate it, and you got a lot of love here on Facebook with people saying thank you for answering the questions because it was an education for me, I’m sure it was an education here for everybody else, so thank you. And they should head to

0:33:24.7 AK: Yeah, so we want you definitely to reach out to us for more information, because we may not have answered all of your questions you may have some that you think of tonight when you’re thinking about insurance. So we want you to be able to contact us directly and the best way to do that for Fathom you can go and get all the contact information on there, and then…

0:33:47.2 GS: And by the way, there’s non Fathom agents that watch the show all the time too, so.

0:33:50.2 AK: Yes. So for Fathom agents, they can visit there and then for our email addresses, it’s just our first name, so [email protected], and Robbie’s is [email protected] And also connect with us on social media. We’re both on Facebook and Instagram and LinkedIn. So we’d love to be able to do that with you as well.

0:34:13.9 GS: Awesome. Guys, thank you so much. We’ll talk to you here in a little bit, I’m sure. For those of you still watching, thanks for watching, and if you’re not familiar with Fathom Realty, head over to, you’re gonna find a company that works for you rather than the other way around offering the tools and technology for your success, we put our commission structure right on the home page, you can see all of our non-hidden fees on a link right on the home page there, and we have thousands of agents switching over to Fathom. And you can head over to and learn more about why. We will see you here in a couple of weeks. 

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