Fathom Agents Come for the Commission, and Stay for the Culture

December 15, 2021
8:00 am

Fathom Realty District Director Janet Mitchell and her agents in Northwest Collin County, TX, conveyed their impressions on what it has meant to join Fathom and the effect the change has made in their businesses.

Janet expresses the uniqueness of Fathom by saying, “Fathom is a beautiful marriage of two different types of brokerages. On the one hand, you have full service, brick and mortar with good training and support, but high commission splits. On the other hand, you have the flat fee brokerages that offer low commission splits and allow you to keep more of your money, but they offer no support and training.”

Josh Harley created Fathom Realty based on a 100% commission model that allows agents to re-invest more money into marketing and growing their brand.

Fathom agent Avnee Kapur shares, “I decided to join the Fathom family mainly because of the commission splits, but quickly I found it was more than that. I have the freedom to do whatever I want in my business. I have excellent support from my District Director, and the culture made me feel welcome.”

“It has been mind-blowing how my business has taken off since I have become part of the Fathom family,” explains Mary Lounds. “I have received so much support. The leadership at Fathom is unbelievable!”

Janet Mitchell, District Director – Northwest Collin County, TX

Janet explains her District consists of both new and seasoned real estate agents. The veteran agents are willing to share their knowledge and experience with those just starting their careers, making their journey into real estate much easier with greater growth potential.

Kyle Stone continues, “In general, I knew Fathom had a lot of great technology and opportunity. However, once I joined the Company, I realized that Fathom was essentially a giant family and very welcoming, and that is what has kept me here.”

An agent that would find Fathom a good fit is committed to growth and is willing to take advantage of its systems and resources to ensure they will have a successful career. Also, it is an agent who is client-focused because Fathom is servant leadership-oriented, and we want to make sure that agents preserve the Fathom culture.

If you are an agent who is ready for MORE from your brokerage – more training, technology, and MORE money in your pocket, reach out to Janet in her local area or to to learn what switching to Fathom can mean for your business.