Fathom Realty Agent’s Interview on the Changing Housing Market Goes National!

June 30, 2022
8:00 am

Fathom REALTOR® Tina Yassin recently listed a property in Arlington, TX that has sat on the market for 28 days. Unfortunately, even a price reduction on the home did not increase showings.

“This home, I imagine that six months ago, would have sold. It would not have been on the market two weeks later,” Tina remarked in a televised interview with a CBS News correspondent. The report entitled, “Rise in interest rates expected to slow down home sales: The housing market is in a downturn right now,” was syndicated nationally through the network.

Tina continued, “The demand drop depends on the market and area. In areas like Dallas-Fort Worth, prices are steady — but most REALTORS® are telling sellers not to expect bidding wars, especially on homes that need some work.”

District Director Shannon Potts exclaimed, “I’m super excited and PROUD of Tina Yassin!! She is one of my district agents!!! Way to go!! She had the opportunity to be interviewed at one of her open houses. We were all under the impression that it would be local— but no, she goes NATIONAL!!! Look at the Fathom plug also #Fathomthat yall!!! Oh, and I forgot to mention she received “Come List Me” calls WHILE she was at the Parker County Mixer!!! Rockstar in ACTION!!”

Tina shared how the interview transpired, “The producer looked on for an open house on a weekday, and mine was on Friday. So, he contacted first and was told to contact the listing agent. So, he did, and here is the interview.”

“It is so rare when I do open houses, and I never do them on a weekday. We have been on the market for almost a month with no offers. So I thought to try something different and do a weekday open house to see what traffic I would have. But I did not know it would be that different, and the house and I would be on national TV. It was genuinely pure luck. I was very suspicious at first and freaked out a lot! My District Director, Shannon Potts, knows that very well and helped me through it. I will post the interview on my social media and website, and hopefully, it will help me get some leads!”