Fathom Tennessee District Director Receives 2017 Women’s Council of the Year Award

December 15, 2017
12:52 pm

Written by Josh Crane, Marketing

KNOXVILLE TN – Earlier this September, the National Women’s Council of Realtors® Tennessee Network awarded Fathom’s new Tennessee District Director, Brenda Brewster, as the 2017 State Women’s Council of the Year.

Brewster has been a member of the National Women’s Council of Realtors® for years, serving on committees at the regional, state, and national level. “Women’s Council is very passionate to me,” Brewster says, “As a leader in my business or as a leader in my industry, I would not be where I am today without Women’s Council. We want to produce leaders not just for real estate, but to be leaders in our communities or even mayors.” The National Women’s Council of Realtors®’s goal is to equip and direct women to be better leaders in all markets.

Brewster is the lead District Director for Fathom in Tennessee, which is a new market for Fathom. It was through Women’s Council that she was first introduced to Fathom Realty. She and her Council, Gail Ailor, came together with Fathom’s CEO Josh Harley and COO Marco Fregenal about opening the new market. “I am here to grow Fathom in the state of Tennessee.” Brewster explains, “I’m getting the word out for Fathom, and pursuing becoming the number one real estate company in Tennessee.”

Brewster, however, wasn’t originally considering joining Fathom. “I was very content in staying with my previous broker. When Fathom approached me, the people were just amazing. The vision, what the company is built on — it’s the future and I don’t want to be left behind.” While she is motivated by Fathom’s business model and technology, she finds great satisfaction in helping her clients and other agents. “It’s wonderful to be at the table with someone who has tears running down their face because you helped them achieve their dreams … It’s their dreams that we try to fulfill and make happen.”

Next May, Brewster’s achievement will be recognized in Washington D.C. at the annual meeting of Women’s Council.