Onward and Upward with Agent Services

March 9, 2021
8:00 am

“There is always space for improvement, no matter how long you’ve been in the business.” – Oscar De La Hoya

At Fathom Realty, we are firm believers in listening when our agents let us know areas to improve. The recent company-wide employee survey identified opportunities for growth and change within Agent Services. Thomas Hubbard, Agent Services Manager, was hired to improve and expand the team to better serve Fathom agents’ needs. Since coming on board in August 2020, Thomas implemented a week-long, intensive staff training program, monthly reviews for accountability, and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to measure goals versus actual results.

We are proud to report on the significant accomplishments achieved by this department.

Based on the employee survey, the team focused on the following KPIs:

  • One-Touch Percentage
  • First Reply Time
  • Full Resolution Time
  • Requester Wait Time
  • Inbound Calls Resulting in Voicemails

One-Touch Percentage

The term refers to the percentage of tickets solved with only one reply from Agent Services. While some issues require more communication, resolving a problem with one message is the best way to serve our agents so they may better serve their clients. Agent services set a goal to send one response to solve a ticket 90% of the time. Recent month’s data shows nearly 100% One-Touch Percentage in resolving issues with one response!

First Reply Time

The First Reply Time is the average amount of time it takes for an Agent Services Specialist to respond to a ticket. For example, from the moment a team member sends a ticket to the queue, the time starts and only stops once a response is sent. A goal of 60 minutes was set for a first reply time. Since August 2020, Agent Services has responded to tickets in 30 minutes, on average. The results indicate a 69% increase in efficiency and productivity as of December. This year, Agent Services has been responding to tickets in around 10 minutes or less! 

Full Resolution Time

The indicator measures the average time it takes from creating a ticket to when that ticket is solved. As of December 2020, Agent Services decreased the Full Resolution Time from 50 minutes to 5 minutes – a 90% improvement!

Requester Wait Time 

The average time a ticket spends in a New, Open, or Hold Status is defined as the Requester Wait Time. Agent Services achieved an 89% improvement in this metric by upgrading processes and adding personnel.

Inbound Calls Resulting in Voicemails

On average, Agent Services receives 150 – 250 calls and, historically, 35-45 voice messages a week.

With the increase of personnel, the Agent Services team has reduced the number of inbound calls resulting in voicemails to a low of around 10 per week, most of which happen during the lunch hours. A considerable enhancement to inbound call responsiveness.

Thomas Hubbard has been a critical component and driver of the Agent Services department’s continuous improvement. When asked, “What would you tell someone considering a job at Fathom Realty?” Thomas responded, “Do it! It’s worth it. Working with Fathom has been one of the most natural, organic, and authentic career journeys I’ve had. I’m not just a part of something big (Fathom); I’m a member of something intimate (the staff). We’re truly like a family in the home office. We celebrate with each other, support each other, and care for each other. The values that Fathom believes in are exemplified within all of us. This makes it so easy to authentically connect and enjoy coming to work. We all work so hard and so well together…it’s something very special to witness and be a part of.”

A big shout out to the Agent Services team, Specialists Bryana Woods, Kelly Bateman, Keyana Watson, and Nikki Matthews, for their outstanding work in providing best-in-class service to our agents. Fantastic job!

Stay tuned for more exciting programs to come from the Agent Services team!