Teamwork Spotlight – Beth Lindner and Aziz Shabazz

March 18, 2021
8:00 am

At Fathom Realty, we want our agents to build their brand first, and we understand that our role as their brokerage partner is to serve them in making that happen. Fathom agents keep 100% of their commission minus a small transaction fee. This allows our agents to invest the commission they would generally pay a traditional brokerage back into building their personal real estate brand. That, combined with wealth building through stock incentives and agent recruiting bonuses, sets our Fathom agents up for short-term and long-term business and financial success.

Beth Lindner, State Broker, Fathom Realty – Illinois, recognizes the importance of agents wanting to work with a managing broker who can help grow their business. She recently shared the story of Aziz Shabazz, District Director for Fathom Realty – Aurora, IL as a prime example of what an agent joining Fathom can achieve.

From 2014 until the end of 2019, Beth had been the top salesperson in Illinois. Last December, she was surprised to realize that Aziz had overtaken her in the middle of the month and still had closings on the books. When she called Aziz about his success, he admitted that he had not been watching the numbers and was surprised and delighted to learn he was the top salesperson in the state.

Aziz switched to Fathom Realty from a brokerage where he was a team member. Although he sold properties, all the transactions went under the team lead’s MLS ID, so his experience was not as obvious. Beth encouraged Aziz to get properties under contract so potential recruits could see his experience in real estate sales. She praised Aziz’s work ethic as ‘second to none’, noting that he has pulled off a fantastic record in the past three years with 96 properties closed at a volume of approximately $19,200,000.

Beth also shared Aziz’s willingness to pass on what he knows to other agents. ‘Aziz is very inspiring, and all our agents benefit from his contribution to joint office training,’ she noted. Aziz has been mentoring new agent Jermarco Williams who joined Fathom last spring. Under Aziz’s guidance, Jermarco began selling homes within a very short time after joining Fathom. As of mid-December 2020, Jermarco had closed seven properties and had five in escrow. 

‘In my estimation, Aziz embodies what Fathom is all about,’ Lindner said. ‘Aziz is an inspiring example of what can happen when an agent chooses Fathom’.

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