The Best Local Video Strategy for Real Estate Agents

March 7, 2023
8:00 am

Fathom Realty Agent Will Draper of Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina, was kind enough to allow us to share his recent social media post on creating a video lead magnet for home buyers. Will enjoys advising clients and educating them about the aspects of real estate. Thanks, Will!

Are you looking to establish yourself as a top-notch real estate agent for homebuyers? Want to stand out from the crowd and become the obvious choice for your clients? Well, look no further. We have the trick you need to build the best homebuyer lead magnet, and it’s all about neighborhoods.

First things first, let’s talk about what a lead magnet is. In the real estate industry, a lead magnet can be anything from a home-buying guide to a free consultation. However, we’re talking about something more exciting and unique – a neighborhood highlight video.

So, how does it work? Every week, in perpetuity, like clockwork, you should create a neighborhood highlight video showcasing your local knowledge about a particular neighborhood. The key is consistency. You build a relationship with potential clients by providing a weekly update and positioning yourself as the go-to expert. In the video, share everything you know about the neighborhood. Talk about its location, proximity to amenities, and community vibe. Highlight the unique selling points that make the neighborhood special, such as its parks, restaurants, and cultural attractions. 

Once you have created your masterpiece, post it on your YouTube channel, embed it on your website, and share it across your favorite social media channels. Your goal is to make your video as visible and accessible as possible to attract as many potential clients as possible.

Over time, as you build up a collection of neighborhood highlight videos, you will have an extensive resource for potential homebuyers. Your videos will give them valuable insights into different neighborhoods and the local real estate market, positioning you as the ultimate agent of choice.

So, there you have it, the secret to building the best homebuyer lead magnet. It’s all about consistency, local knowledge, and a little bit of creativity. By investing time and effort in creating captivating neighborhood highlight videos, you can become the ultimate real estate expert and attract a steady stream of new clients.

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