What’s Clubhouse and Why Should I Care?

January 28, 2021
5:38 pm
Our Guest: Wendy Forsythe

Learn about the new social media app Clubhouse and how you can use it to help your real estate business!


Show Transcript:

0:00:29.1 Geoff Stertz: Hello, and thanks again for joining us for another Fathom Live, a live stream… Hold on a second, I’m checking out this really cool app that we’re gonna be talking about today. Anyway, so a live stream show dedicated to giving you tips and insights from experts in and around the real estate industry. I’m your grateful host, Geoff Stertz. So glad to be with you here today, and we have with us once again, Wendy Forsythe, hailing out from out in Irvine, California. Wendy, good to have you.

0:00:54.8 Wendy Forsythe: Good to be here. Hello everyone. I was organizing all of the different screens there in the opening, so we are talking about some buzz-worthy stuff today, Geoff.

0:01:05.4 GS: Yeah. This is what is happening right now in the world of social media. So I mean, lots of stuff’s happening, but this is one of the bigger ones, so we’re gonna talk about that. As always, if you comment during the live show on Facebook or YouTube, we automatically enter you into a drawing, you can win some yard signs, a photo listing package or $200 worth of lead service from GoSocial Agent, speaking of which, the good people at GoSocial Agent help you with your social media to provide effective and affordable Social Media Marketing Solutions, they’ll get your account set up, automated postings, agent branded articles, buyer and seller handbooks, Facebook ad campaigns, and more. You can go online to to check out more about that, and speaking to the drawing, Cindy Raz won our last drawing, so congratulations to Cindy and yeah, if you’re commenting right now, like Edgar and Deb and Rob and Jenna and Josh, and many others on here, you’re automatically entered into that drawing, so get to commenting, thank you so much for all of you who have been on here, we also just hit a subscriber record on our YouTube channel, so if you haven’t hit the notification bell or followed us on there, make sure you do that and the same thing on Facebook. Well, with all that out of the way, Wendy, what in the world are we talking about today?

0:02:22.7 WF: We are talking about Clubhouse today. So Clubhouse has been all of the rave, and I see Kelly and Tim and Brene and many of our Fathom agents in the comments, have already joined us on Clubhouse, but Clubhouse is the latest social media app to take the world by storm that you’ve probably been seeing people post about, and you’ve probably been hearing about on online and in the media, so we wanted to give you guys all the run down on what it is, how to use it, what it means, and our initial take on it as a new social media player in the crowded world of Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, and all those other platforms that we talk about.

0:03:13.1 GS: Now, will I be dancing like I do on my TikTok profile? You haven’t seen my… I’m just kidding, I don’t dance.

0:03:19.8 WF: Okay. You probably do dance. The great thing that I think that everybody watching is going to love, and I know just in general, people are loving about Clubhouse is it’s an audio-only social media app.

0:03:34.7 GS: Cool.

0:03:35.2 WF: So for those of you that don’t wanna be on video and don’t wanna worry about doing your hair, or getting dressed, you can partake in Clubhouse ’cause you’re just gonna hear your great voice.

0:03:44.3 GS: It’s like the perfect 2020 to 2021 app. I mean, you don’t have to… It’s like not going outside, you don’t have to dress up or anything, so this was launched though in 2020, right?

0:03:54.1 WF: It was. So it actually was launched in April 2020, it is an invite-only app, and it still is to this day, although it’s becoming a lot easier to get invites to get in, and if you’re watching, if you’re looking to get an invite to join Clubhouse, you wanna connect with one of us that are already on Clubhouse, you have to be in our contact list, so as long as you’re in my contact list, I can extend an invite to you to join Clubhouse.

0:04:27.2 GS: Great.

0:04:28.7 WF: So it’s one of the interesting things about sort of… That the creators enrolling out, they gave it this kind of little exclusive edge to have this ability to be invited.

0:04:43.1 GS: Somebody asked, Tim asked, Is the app only available on iPhone or Apple products?

0:04:48.7 WF: It is only available on iPhone and Apple products. Sorry, all you Android die-hards, but this is an Apple-only product, and there’s no word that I’m aware of on whether or not it will be available at some future point across those other products. So use your iPad, you can get it on your iPad if you have an android and iPad.

0:05:12.4 GS: Which a lot of people do, yeah. Yeah.

0:05:14.6 WF: Yeah. It is an Apple only. So should we run down some of the…

0:05:18.9 GS: Yeah, how does it work? Let’s…

0:05:20.1 WF: Peek first.

0:05:21.3 GS: Yeah, and why the whole thing is, why should this matter? So I’m looking forward to hearing this for our audience.

0:05:28.6 WF: Yeah, so here’s what’s cool about it, we said it’s audio only. So you wanna go to the app store, download the app. If you don’t have an invite, you can request to get your user name held until you get invited, and you can get on a waiting list, so if you’re not already in, that’s what you wanna do first, once you get into Clubhouse, then the magic of the platform really starts to happen. So how it works is, anyone can host a room and anybody can join in that room, and every room has its own set of moderators, which a moderator could be one person as the room host, or the moderator could be a number of people. And then there’s a topic that is being discussed in the room. And a lot of times the topic will be in the room title or the topic will just sort of morph. It really is a casual networking conversational platform. And when you’re in a room in the conversation, you can be a listener if you’re not up on stage with the moderators and being called as a speaker. And if you have a question for a room moderator or a speaker, you just hit a little button and raise your hand. And then the moderator will invite you to speak and ask your question. So you can totally be a voyeur in the background and listen, or you can be a very active participant. It’s up to you in how you wanna do that. And a room can be two people, or a room can be thousands of people.

0:07:10.4 GS: Wow!

0:07:10.5 WF: In fact, on Sunday, the big buzz was Elon Musk came on Clubhouse and talked in a room. And the room maxed out. So it maxes out somewhere around 5,000 people at a time. And the room maxed out within seconds of Elon, yeah, coming on.

0:07:27.6 GS: Of course, right.

0:07:30.0 WF: So it was very interesting.

0:07:33.3 GS: Very cool! So I could be in a room with this person and potentially raise my hand if that’s the way they have it set up and say, “Mr. Musk, love your cars, but I’m curious what you’re doing to our brains with your new technology, your AI technology.” I can say something like that to them.

0:07:48.6 WF: Yeah, you say, yeah. “What are you doing with GameStop?” So that was popular conversation.

0:07:52.9 GS: Right.

0:07:54.6 WF: Yeah, it is really one of the fascinating things. And one of the reasons that Clubhouse is so buzz-worthy is that it is the first social media app that has given unfettered access to such a big knowledge base. So you can end up in a room, and one of the things that really, we’ve seen, particularly in the last three or four months that is growing like wildfire is amongst the venture capital community. So I was in a room the other night with a number of the sharks from Shark Tank. And people were getting an opportunity to pitch them on their business ideas, very much like you would see on the TV.

0:08:40.5 GS: Oh, wow!

0:08:42.6 WF: So imagine that opportunity. And they were saying like, “DM me, I like your idea, I’d like to talk to you more,” or, “Good job! Keep up the good work.” [chuckle] But they didn’t get a DM invite. So there’s really two things that I think that are really interesting for us as realtors right now with Clubhouse. So one is the ability from a professional development standpoint. There are rooms happening all hours of the day or night on best practices for listings, for marketing, for branding, for inventory, all of those things. You can tap into the best minds in the industry now just by logging into that app. So from a professional development perspective, absolutely, super interesting what’s happening there.

0:09:38.7 GS: So… Oh, sorry to cut you off, I was just…

0:09:41.2 WF: And the second part that I think that this is so interesting and topical is from a networking perspective. So it gives us the ability to network with other professionals in our industry, in particular, and within our Fathom family right across the country. And in fact, one of the things that Fathom has done is we’re one of the first national brands to have our own Clubhouse club. So you can go follow Fathom Realty and be a member of our club. And we’ll talk a little bit more about that.

0:10:12.9 GS: Yeah, yeah. If you didn’t catch it, folks, that was a little teaser to something. But some people are asking: Where do I get it? Answer is the App Store. You can go on the App Store, you can get it. And what does it look like? It’s got a black and white photo of a gentleman on there. So if that’s what you’re seeing, that’s the correct app. And then somebody said: Sounds like a great app for if you wanted an office meeting. You could just say like, “Hey, we’re all jumping on it, whatever to talk.” So interesting ideas. Now, can I go back… Let’s say there was a really interesting topic by some industry expert or whatever. Can I go back and listen to it again, or it’s like a pre-recorded?

0:10:50.6 WF: Yeah, it is real-time, it’s not recorded. You’ve gotta be there as it’s happening.

0:10:57.6 GS: That’s like a conference, yeah, it’s you’re…

0:11:00.6 WF: It is. Yeah, what you can do, you can…

0:11:01.3 GS: Or like a club, yeah.

0:11:02.7 WF: You can see sort of the schedule, there’s a calendar button. And you can see rooms that are being scheduled, and you can add a particular room that is scheduled in advance to your calendar, so that you’re reminded that you want at 1:00 to attend this room.

0:11:20.8 GS: Very cool. So I guess, might as well just be out with it here. So we have a Fathom Realty club, and we’re gonna be having an event coming up here really, really soon. So maybe tell us more about that.

0:11:33.2 WF: I wanted to introduce this to all of you and give some tips and talk a little bit more about what Clubhouse is, here on Facebook Live. But the best way to really figure out what Clubhouse is, is to be in Clubhouse. So as soon as we’re done here, I’m gonna jump over on to my phone, on to our Clubhouse app and host a room. And you’re all invited to join us in that room, and we called it the Facebook Live After Party room, so you’ll see it come up on the schedule, and you can hop in and we’ll have a Clubhouse room conversation. And then that way, I can show you real-time how to do things like clap when you hear somebody say something that you like in Clubhouse, how to raise your hand, how to be brought up to stage as a speaker. And we’ll take you through sort of why using the app, how to do all of those things. Right after we are done here.

0:12:36.1 GS: Very cool. First of all, this is coming up in 15 minutes, right?

0:12:41.2 WF: Yes. At the top of the hour, or as soon as we hang up here or sign off here on Facebook live.

0:12:50.6 GS: So you gonna wanna get it right now because it does… Like when Pinterest launched, there was an invite only thing, but they make you select categories and things that you have to say, I’m sort of interested in these different things. I did it just a few days ago, it does take a few minutes for you to get all of those things quickly done and you can skip some of it, you can go back and then edit the things that you’re interested in, but you may wanna jump on it now. And then when they go in there and people are dropping email addresses, I guess, to invite each other, so once you’re in there, do they look for you? Do they look for fathom? How do they get into our room?

0:13:27.6 WF: If you are already in Clubhouse, so look for me and follow me, and then I can invite you to the Fathom club if you’re already there, or to search for fathom Realty, you can search for either of us, and then request to join the club.

0:13:42.7 GS: Okay. And then…

0:13:44.9 WF: That will get either way. We’ll get you there.

0:13:47.6 GS: Awesome. Is it Wendy Forsythe that they’re looking for? Or is it like Twitter, you have a specific handle you?

0:13:53.8 WF: You have a specific handle, so mine is @brandWendy.

0:13:56.0 GS: @brandWendy. Okay. Cool, cool, man…

0:14:00.4 WF: For those of you who are already in the Fathom club, so we have several of you that have already joined Fathom Realty root club. You can invite other people to join the club. So to do that, invite your other Fathom colleagues and industry colleagues to join our Fathom club as well, and the benefit of a club versus just hosting a random room is, every time that we host a club event as Fathom, everyone that is a member of the Fathom Club will get a notification. So we’ve got all kinds of plans that we’re thinking about from training and networking and guests that will have in our Fathom club rooms.

0:14:45.6 GS: Very cool. And if somebody asked you to join, is as your business or as a private individual?

0:14:52.1 WF: As a private individual.

0:14:53.8 GS: There you go. So it’s like Twitter, it’s attached to you.

0:14:57.4 WF: Like Twitter, like Facebook and you’ll have a profile there that you can fill out all your profile information, you wanna connect your Instagram account and your other social accounts, so people can DM you. So as you get into conversations, I mentioned an example earlier, that’s what people will say is like, Wow! Geoff, what we’re talking about, I’d like to continue this conversation. DM me so that you get in my inbox and we can take it kind of offline or outside of the room conversation.

0:15:27.3 GS: Awesome, awesome. And you can imagine, if you’re hearing this for the first time, all of the different possibilities that you could do with this, both for you personally, if you wanna start your own little networking local stuff or whatever. But especially, just to recap, there are very smart experienced people that have a lot of great advice to share that are gonna be on this thing, and then you can follow them and when they’re on, take the opportunity, like you’re doing right now, to hear from industry experts and learn things that you may not otherwise have thought about, and it’s a two-way conversation. If your room is small.

0:16:05.3 WF: Yes. It’s very functional, it’s very relaxed, and it is the first social media platform that has given the access to the knowledge base that the Clubhouse has put together. So, I noticed I’ve been trying to watch our comments, like I noticed some people mentioning rooms that they’ve been in, so in the past, we have to pay a lot of money to go to conferences to hear people like Grant Cardone, Tom Ferry, like some of those Les Brown, some of those gurus talk. Well, these people are on Clubhouse and they’re talking and just when you’re making dinner, you’ve got your phone and you’re in a room and you’re listening to some of the world renowned experts as well as just our industry knowledge bank. You’re gonna get access to people within the real estate industry that are freely sharing their best practices, their ideas, what they’re doing now, like to have that ability to do that on your own schedule from the comfort of your own home, on your own phone. That’s just remarkable, and I think that that is one of the things that I’m excited about with this app.

0:17:21.8 GS: There’s been a lot of questions about how to get in, a lot of people are asking still, how do they get invited? Do you mind just going over that one more time?

0:17:31.5 WF: Yeah, so go and download the Clubhouse app, and if you haven’t received an invite, then you can sign up for the waitlist and you’ll see the button there, and the waitlist will reserve your handle or your user names, like mine is @brandWendy, so whatever yours is, and then you’ll go on to the waitlist, so that is one way you can get. The other way is if you know somebody that’s already in Clubhouse and you are in their contact list, I can send you an invite and that will allow you to skip the waitlist. So, think like those days when we were younger, we used to go out to the club, you wanna skip the waitlist and go directly in the club, that’s exactly what you do when you’ve got an invite from somebody who’s already inside of Clubhouse.

0:18:21.3 GS: I went to a conservative Baptist Seminary, so I never had those days, I’m just gonna let everybody know this.

0:18:27.8 WF: I think some people watching on…


0:18:34.5 GS: So when you say I can invite you, are you talking about you or you’re just saying one of your friends?

0:18:40.5 WF: Yeah. One of your other Fathom colleagues that are already in, when you get in the club, you get a certain amount of invites that you can share with people, so when I invite somebody, you’re gonna get a direct link that’s gonna say like Wendy invited you, you just click on the link once you have the app downloaded and you’re in. Then you could set up your profile, you can enter a room right away, you can start a room right away if you’d like to see, it skips the waitlist.

0:19:07.0 GS: Yeah, yeah. And when I joined, I had immediately four invites that I could doll out to whoever I wanted to. So if you’re seeing other people on here, they’re trying to get in, just maybe pay attention and shoot them an invite if they haven’t gotten one yet, and let’s start a room here, so maybe just in a few minutes?

0:19:21.7 WF: And we can go back through the comments for those of you that are commenting, once we’ve finished doing what we’re doing here today, and we’ll try to go back through the comments and extend the invites between all of us here at Fathom for those of you that are still looking for invites.

0:19:38.3 GS: Alright, so why don’t we jump on here?

0:19:40.8 WF: I think we’re ready to go. So we’ll wrap it up here, and I’ll go start our After Party over on Clubhouse.

0:19:49.0 GS: All right. Well, there you have it folks, that’s Clubhouse. And again, you can imagine all the different things you could do with it, and just a really cool way to have a group two-way conversation over social media. So, we’ll be signing off, we’ll be having another show here in a couple of weeks, and we’ll look forward to that with you, but in the meantime, see you over on Clubhouse.

0:20:08.3 WF: Alright, see you in Clubhouse everyone.

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