Agent Spotlight: David Barney

June 10, 2021
8:00 am

David Barney spent 11 years working as a recruitment and enrollment manager for one of the world’s largest private education providers located in Phoenix. While earning an MBA, David took an interest in real estate, joining a friend to buy a condo and duplex to flip. That experience prompted David to earn his real estate license in 2014. During his first year selling real estate part-time, he closed 12 transactions. He doubled that number the following year. David also began investing in real estate. He has personal experience with doing flips, wholesaling, and managing his own investment properties. David has leveraged his practical experience in guiding others to think beyond just that initial real estate purchase.

David worked closely with a large commercial/multi-family firm in Phoenix and led their residential team for just over three years until moving to Fathom Realty. David now runs a full-service, flat-fee model that closed over 90 transactions in 2020. His model is designed to generate massive volume, but more importantly, to leverage each relationship and transaction into multiple opportunities.

Why did you switch to Fathom Realty?

I wanted to expand a team where we all earn more and can leverage the resources and stock options that Fathom has to offer. I believe Fathom is a place for those agents that know how to take advantage of the resources and run a more efficient business.  Fathom offers the tools you need to be successful; you just have to do your part and take massive action. Fathom may not offer the “hand holding” that some people think they need, but I believe agents set themselves up for failure by depending on everyone else to help them develop. Fathom also allows my business model to leverage the most out of what we produce.

What is your key to success?

Aside from the passion that drove me to a career in real estate, the key to my success is the power of leverage. Learning to leverage our current business plan and compound future success has been a breakthrough in my career. I have learned to create opportunities with each transaction. 

My self-accountability has served me tremendously. I believe self-accountability is what will separate you from the rest of the pack. I got into real estate to be free and to take ownership of my life and income. My “why” makes it easy for me to put in the hours every day and outwork my competitors.

What are your top three sources of business?

Referrals, FSBO, and paid leads. My sphere of influence is hands down the most valuable resource, and I focus a lot of time on it. Outside of those three sources, I would say the next best thing to invest in is a virtual assistant. I have a team of virtual assistants that have been instrumental in creating opportunities in those three categories.

Anything else you would like to share?

I live in Texas and operate my business in Arizona. This setup is unique, but it goes back to my “why”: it allows me to create the life and results that mean the most to my family and me! I enjoy learning from others, helping others, and creating win-win opportunities with people. I really enjoy networking. 

I am looking to grow the Arizona team, and would love to share my experience with  other Fathom Agents interested in adopting our model. I enjoy helping others develop their skills as agents and watching their success climb to new heights. Currently, I am assisting another REALTOR® in Idaho to execute the flat-fee model. Win-win relationships are the best!

Ready to take the next step with your real estate career? We would love to speak with you to see if Fathom is a good fit for you.