Agent Spotlight: Marcos Aleman

December 9, 2021
8:00 am

Personal service with a difference is how Marcos Aleman, Fathom Realty – Asheville, NC, likes to describe his unique branding strategy. He believes wholeheartedly in the personal nature of real estate built on strong relationships and exceptional customer service. A neighborhood specialist familiar with local communities, home values, and price trends, Marcos strives to create a stress-free transaction process for his clients.

A former owner of a Dental Laboratory for 25 years, Marcos created dental restorations that transformed the lives of many patients. His dental practice required client service skills that allowed Marcos to transition to the real estate industry easily. He credits his strong listening skills in identifying his home buyers’ needs and improving their lives as an integral part of the service he provides. In addition, Marcos closely connects with many of his clients by using his bilingual language skills.

As of November 1, 2021, Marcos Aleman has referred 11 agents and is growing. Additionally, he reached Platinum Ambassador status in the 2021 Agent Referral Program.

“Marcos has stated he never felt ‘at home’ at other brokerages, but he has embraced Josh Harley and his idealogy,” says Deanna Gunning, District Director – Greater Asheville, NC. “He listens to Josh’s podcast and takes in his words. In addition, Marcos has read the policy manual, mission statement, and everything he can get his hands on to learn as much as possible about Fathom, so when he meets with possible agent recruits, he is very knowledgeable about Fathom when speaking to them.”

Marcos just finished his broker-in-charge eligibility course and plans on starting a team. He wants to help grow Fathom as a company and has been instrumental in expanding the Greater Asheville, NC, market center. Gunning adds, “He is truly helping me reach my goal of 100 agents by the end of 2021. In addition, he is vested in making Fathom Realty a brand name in our area, so when agents talk to potential sellers about listings, they know who Fathom is and don’t have to ask who we are. He is a real asset to our company.”

When asked some key questions about his professional goals and objectives, Marcos responded:

Why did you pursue a real estate career?

I was the owner of a Dental Laboratory for 25 years. For many years, I created dental restorations that transformed the lives of many patients by giving them beautiful new smiles. That career was gratifying and has given me keen skills that I now use as a real estate broker. However, my desire to serve my community has not changed, and I continue to help people change their lives. 

Listening and hearing what people need and desire and helping achieve my clients’ dreams of homeownership is part of the service I provide and find enjoyment in performing.

Why did you join Fathom Realty?

I joined Fathom Realty because it was the best opportunity to feel autonomous while having the best support system. I switched to Fathom in July 2021 and haven’t looked back once. Fathom has genuinely made me feel like I am running my own business and has given me more energy than I could imagine. I will be reinvesting the extra earnings to further my service to my clients and build my new brand with Fathom. The support and training have been invaluable in just these few months, and having the most attentive Broker-in-Charge is icing on the cake! I have been in real estate for two years now, and Fathom has become my new home.

Where do you see your real estate business a year from now?

Since starting with Fathom in July 2021, I have closed three deals, and I plan to grow the momentum. My rebranding process is up and running. Over the next year, my goals are twofold:

  1. I plan on growing my business by at least 50% through:
    1. Relationships
    2. Mentoring
    3. Attitude of service

  2. I plan to grow the Fathom brand by:
    1. Recruiting
    2. Sharing the Fathom Life culture
How would you best describe your brand, and what makes it unique to you and your business?

I would say that the pillars of my brand would be service and relationships. With the service that I provide to my clients, I want them to know that I will stay three steps ahead along the entire process. They will receive constant contact, coaching and be well prepared for anything that may come up during the purchase or sale of their home. Along with service, I desire to be seen as a friend, not just someone closing a deal. I want them to know I am genuinely invested in their plans and will look out for them not only as a realtor but as a confidant and friend.

What’s something most people don’t know about you?

I guess what goes on behind the scenes. My mind is constantly working on making the process smooth and achieving the goal at hand.

I have been the proud husband of Mireille for 25 years, and I am the father of two young men (ages 15 and 17). We all enjoy outdoor activities such as boating, fishing, and hiking. In addition, we enjoy spending time with our family and friends, and traveling is also a fun activity that we try to do as often as possible.

If you are an agent who is ready for MORE from your brokerage – more training, technology, and MORE money in your pocket, reach out to Deanna or Marcos in their local area or to to learn what switching to Fathom can mean for your business.