Agent Stories: Unconventional Ways to Meet a Client

February 22, 2021
1:04 pm

Many real estate agents spend an enormous amount of resources on lead generation. But sometimes, leads come in the most unexpected ways. Below are some great responses Aurilia Woodard McDonald, Fathom Realty – Dallas Fort Worth, received when she recently posed the question in Facebook Masterminds to her DFW colleagues,


“What is the most unconventional way you have met a client?”


“A man saw my sticker at the gas station in October we started chatting, and he has a home that he may want to sell…I have been calling and not heard back…but I called him again today, and I have a seller’s appointment with him on Saturday at 4:00!!”

– Aurilia Woodard McDonald

“I met a lady at the nail salon once. We started chatting, and she told me she was listing her $800,000 home FSBO later that month. She invited me over to see it, and I left there with the listing.”

– Jessica Kemp

“I actually had a client just by rescuing their dog on the side of the road in my neighborhood!”

– Kody Horvath

“A lady struck up a conversation with me in the grocery store parking lot. I had my logo and phone number on the back window of my car. I got the listing and purchase.”

– Marta Howell

“I once put an FSBO sign on April Fool’s Day in my friend’s yard; she got a buyer out of it! ???? True story! Right, Candy Auman?!”

– Hilde Verhaegen and Candy Auman

“At a Medicaid attorney’s office when we hired them to help get my Dad services. My contact there has used me twice in the last six years.”

– Melissa Dumke

“Giving birth…had to have a C-section…to take my mind off things I started talking real estate with the anesthesiologist…my husband was like “really”?! Ended up a new anesthesiologist was coming to town…after surgery made my husband go home and get my cards and left them for him. While on maternity leave guess who called and was a $500,000 buyer?! The Dr.” ????????

– Stephanie Green Simmons

“I was putting a sign out in a yard at 7:00 am in the morning. I was making a lot of noise because it was the middle of the summer and the soil was really dry, so I was hammering in the sign with a large hammer. The neighbor came out to complain I was making too much noise. We started talking, and about a week later, I listed his home and sold it!”

– Jeff Robertson

“I sold a house to the finance rep behind the counter when buying my husband’s Jeep. It took two years of following up. Most of the time they ghosted me. Eventually, they bought. This year they will sell and buy again. They have also sent referrals.”

– Farlene Powell


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