Fathom Awards Twenty Scholarships for the Fall 2022 Semester!

October 4, 2022
8:00 am

Fathom Realty is proud to announce its fall 2022 scholarship winners.

Twenty students from across the country were selected to receive $1,500 scholarships for the fall 2022 semester as part of Fathom’s twice-annual essay competition.

The scholarship program is open to the children and grandchildren of Fathom Holdings, Inc. employees and real estate agents.

In the fall competition, 97 students submitted essays for review and scoring by a panel of Fathom agents and district directors. Scoring was based on how well students addressed the essay prompt: How will you use your education to better your community and/or the world?

“Wow! Working with these students and student sponsors on our 2022 Fall Scholarship program was a joy. First, I want to give a HUGE “shout out” to our incredibly dedicated essay review team. They poured over 97 essays reading each very carefully and thoughtfully as they were assigned the daunting task of scoring each essay according to its merit. It was a costly time commitment on their part, and our entire Fathom family is so thankful! Thank you to all the students that submitted essays. It was our largest event yet, and the first time we awarded 20 scholarships instead of 10!” said William J. Nunez, Fathom Realty’s Director of Culture.

The competition is open to students enrolled in college or trade school. Names of the essay writers were withheld from the team of judges to ensure impartial scoring.

The scholarship winners are:

Alexa Contreras
Draper, UT
(Brook Gardner)
Alexander Peck
Sacramento, CA
(Laura Avila)
Avalon Walraven
St. George, UT
(Cristina Benitez-Bosley)
Bryce Hager
Virginia Beach, VA
(Robert Hager)
Cole Allenson
St. Paul, MN
(Chris Prescott)
Kaleb Lawson
Pembroke, NC
(Laurie Lawson)
Kate Basore
Lubbock, TX
(Natalie Basore)
Landon Church
Golden, CO
(Paul Church)
Madison Asby
Raleigh, NC
(Walter Whitehurst)
Melody Lopez
Bentonville, AR
(Mynor Lopez)
Mikayla Egan
Logan, UT
(Pam Egan)
Mitchell Price
St. George, UT
(Bethany Price)
Paul Ramos
Dallas, TX
(Olga Ramos)
Rachel Hager
Blacksburg, VA
(Robert Hager)
Roza Avetisyan
McKinney, TX
(Izabela Eritsyan)
Sahil Shah
Edison, NJ
(Ruchit Shah)
Srushti Nair
Charlotte, NC
(Shilpa Shinde)
Sumayyah Borders
Pittsburgh, PA
(Lisa Borders)
Tess Gellert
New York City, NY
(Noelle Gellert)
Yutika Aggarwal
Cary, NC
(Sanjeev Aggarwal)