Fathom Holdings, Inc. Reports Revenue Growth of 87% for Full Year 2021!

March 9, 2022
9:03 am

Total revenue increased 79% for the 2021 fourth quarter to $95.5 million, as compared to $53.4 million for Q4 2020. Fathom completed 10,800 real estate transactions for Q4 2021, a 43% increase from Q4 2020. Fathom’s real estate agent network grew 48% to 8,100 agents on December 31, 2021, up from 5,471 agents on December 31, 2020.

“Quarter after quarter, and year after year, Fathom’s results have continued to demonstrate the power of, what I believe is our truly disruptive business model,” said Fathom CEO Joshua Harley. “We have been very successful in increasing revenue, expanding our agent network, maintaining strong agent retention, entering new geographic markets, and completing numerous strategic acquisitions designed to enhance our business and create new revenue streams.”

Segment revenue for the 2021 full year compared with the prior-year period was as follows:

 Three months ended Twelve months ended
(Revenue $ in millions)December 31, 2021December 31, 2020
Real Estate Brokerage$89.7$314.4

*Other primarily includes revenue generated from Fathom’s title and insurance business.

“We believe Fathom can achieve strong profits over time, while continuing to grow our business at high rates,” added Fathom President and CFO Marco Fregenal. “Our cash position is strong, and operational cash flow generation remains a priority as we continue to be good stewards of the money with which shareholders have entrusted us.”

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