Fathom Realty Announces Fall 2018 Scholarship Fund Recipients

August 14, 2018
11:00 am

Summary: Fathom Realty announced 10 winners of the 2018 Fathom Scholarship Fund for the Fall 2018 semester.

CARY, North Carolina, August 14, 2018 —  Fathom Realty Holdings, LLC announced 10 winners of the Fathom Scholarship Fund program for Fall 2018. 58 students submitted essays for consideration with the top ten essay participants receiving a $1,500 scholarship. The students remained anonymous to the panel of judges. Fathom Realty started the Scholarship Fund with the desire of contributing to the next generation.

“One of the things that we wanted to do, and we talked about for a long time, was being able to contribute to the education of our agent’s children — the next generation of leaders in our country,” said Josh Harley, Fathom CEO. “But the Fathom Scholarship Fund is more than just college. While I’m a big advocate for college, I I don’t believe college is for everybody. That is why the Fathom Scholarship Fund can also be applied to trade schools. When we look at the children who submit the applications to receive the Fathom Scholarship Fund, we are not looking at grades, because I realized grades aren’t everything. Sometimes you’re a ‘C’ student because you’re bored, or it’s not what interests you. What it ultimately comes down to is heart. When they submit an application for our Fund, we’re looking for them to explain how they’re going to use that education, no matter what it is, to serve the community around them. It’s the heart of the children that ultimately decides who receives the Scholarship.”

Fathom congratulates the 10 winners of the Scholarship Fund, and plans to offer the program again this coming Spring for the 2019 spring Semester.

About Fathom Realty: Fathom Realty is a national, cloud-based, full-service real estate brokerage. Fathom is dedicated to serving agents by providing the industry’s best technology, effective training, and the highest level of support. Agents enjoy a higher net income through Fathom’s flat-fee based commission splits allowing them to invest more money into growing their business. Fathom agents also earn stock grants based on their contribution to revenue and company growth.


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