Fathom Scholarship Fund – Fall 2021 Recipients

September 23, 2021
8:00 am

Fathom Realty is proud to announce its fall 2021 scholarship winners.

Ten students from across the country have been selected to receive $1,500 scholarships for the fall 2021 semester as part of Fathom’s twice-annual essay competition.

The scholarship program is open to the children and grandchildren of Fathom Realty’s team of real estate agents.

In the fall competition, 23 students submitted essays for review and scoring by a panel of Fathom agents and district directors. Scoring was based on how well students addressed the essay prompt: How will you use your education to better your community and/or the world.

“What a joy it is to be a part of this amazing Fathom Family Fund scholarship event every fall and spring semester. Our eight Fathom essay review team members did an awesome job of carefully reading and scoring each essay. And we are so thankful for their service. And, we want to express our thanks to all the students who participated in this fall semester 2021 event,” said William J. Nunez, who is Fathom Realty’s Director of Culture.

The competition is open to students enrolled in college or trade school. Names of the essay writers were withheld from the team of judges to ensure impartial scoring.

Winning students, their parents, and grandparents, were excited to receive the news. Here is a sampling of their reactions:

Thank you so much for this amazing scholarship! I’m grateful and honored beyond words!

Caitlin Casassa, student recipient

Gabe is so excited and grateful to have been chosen for the Fathom Scholarship.

Kathleen Johnson, Fathom agent

Thank you so much for this amazing news! I am honored and humbled to be a recipient of this scholarship this year. Again, thank you all so much for this opportunity.

Mariah Richards, student recipient

I am so honored and grateful to have been chosen for the Fathom scholarship.

Tatum Hall, student recipient

The scholarship winners are:

Caitlin Casassa
(daughter of Diane Costa-Casassa, Dallas/Fort Worth, TX)
Tatum Hall
(daughter of Audrey Hall,
Dallas/Fort Worth, TX)
Gabriel Johnson
(son of Kathleen Johnson,
Dallas/Fort Worth, TX)
Kylie Kuster
(daughter of Dawn Kuster,
Colorado Springs, CO)
Calla Mikolajczyk
(granddaughter of Nancy Roth,
Chicago, IL)
Bridget Parker
(daughter of Brandon Parker,
Tulsa, OK)
Mariah Richards
(daughter of Zena Richards,
Raleigh/Durham, NC)
Annalise Spindle
(daughter of Beth Spindle,
Chicago, IL)
Hunter Wagoner
(son of Amy Wagoner,
Dallas/Fort Worth, TX)
Ian Watson
(son of Laura Watson,
Richmond, VA)