Fathom Scholarship Program Celebrates Six Years of Giving

April 11, 2023
8:00 am

Now in its eleventh semester, the Fathom Scholarship Program has served 140 well-deserving students granting a total of $210,000 to kick-start their college and trade school endeavors. Behind the scenes, William “Billy” Nunez, Director of Culture, has tirelessly steered the program logistics and guided the Scholarship Review Committee.

The Committee ensures that scholarship applicants comply with the criteria set forth by the program. The application process consists of general information, relationship disclosure of the student and their Fathom sponsor, and an essay written by the student describing how they will use their education to serve their community or country better. Ultimately, 20 scholarships of $1500 each are awarded twice yearly for fall and spring semesters.

What it ultimately comes down to is heart,” says Josh Harley, Fathom Founder and CEO. “When students apply, we’re looking for them to explain how they will use their education to serve the community around them, no matter what it is. It’s the heart of the student that ultimately decides who receives the scholarship.”

The committee comprises District Directors and Fathom Realty agents selected from applicants representing markets throughout the country. Members are expected to be available during the essay fall and spring semesters to read and evaluate essays. Each committee member will serve a 2-year term. After the first term of service, members may reapply to serve a subsequent period.

I am so impressed with the seriousness with which committee members approach the review of each essay,” says Nunez. “Volunteers’ high level of participation and willingness to judge applications objectively ensures that recipients are chosen fairly and consistently. In addition, scholarship committee members bring the benefits of life experiences, diverse outlooks, and a human touch to the selection process.”

Three scholarship committee members readily shared the experience and rewards of serving the Fathom Family.

“This was my second time reading the essays. I love to read them as they tell a different story about each student’s life wishes and goals and the life conditions that led to their study/goal choices. Very powerful.”

“Being a part of the scholarship committee at Fathom was an honor and left me with a real sense of hope for the future. Reading what some of these students have overcome and hearing their desires to serve their communities was indeed an enlightening experience. I always knew we had something special at Fathom, but now I’m even more convinced.”

“Reviewing these essays provides the reader with an inspiring view of the generation that is coming next.”

The greatest reward is seeing this program grow and, more importantly, watching these young men and women develop into future leaders. Are you interested in serving on the Fathom Scholarship Committee? Volunteers are always welcome and may apply HERE.