Announcing the Remarkable Recipients of the Fathom Scholarships for Fall 2023

October 17, 2023
8:00 am

We are thrilled to announce the latest cohort of bright minds who have been awarded the prestigious Fathom Scholarship for the fall 2023 semester. A total of twenty outstanding students from various corners of the United States have been selected to receive $1,500 scholarships, marking a significant step towards their educational aspirations.

The Fathom Scholarship program, a cornerstone of our commitment to fostering education and community engagement, is exclusively open to the children and grandchildren of Fathom Holdings, Inc. employees and dedicated real estate agents. It is a testament to our dedication to supporting the pursuit of higher education within our extended Fathom family.

For the fall 2023 application cycle, 70 aspiring scholars eagerly submitted essays for careful evaluation and scoring by a panel of esteemed Fathom agents and district directors. The focal point of their essays was to eloquently address the following thought-provoking question: “How will you leverage your education to impact your community positively and, perhaps, the world at large?”

William J. Nunez, the Director of Culture at Fathom Realty, expressed his profound admiration for the essays submitted, stating, “Once again, every essay presented a delightful challenge to our dedicated Essay Review Team members. They were tasked with the enjoyable and stimulating duty of reading and evaluating each one. I heard countless times from team members how inspired they were by the passion, determination, and forward-thinking vision the next generation of scholars exhibited.”

It’s worth noting that the Fathom Scholarship competition is open to students currently enrolled in college or pursuing a trade school education. In an effort to maintain complete impartiality during the evaluation process, the names of the talented essay writers were kept confidential from the esteemed panel of judges.

This fall, we celebrate not only the recipients of the Fathom Scholarship but also the enduring spirit of educational excellence and community betterment that our scholarship program continues to foster. We look forward to witnessing the incredible impact these scholarship recipients will undoubtedly have on their communities and the world. Congratulations to our deserving winners!

The scholarship winners are:

Cade Langford
Southwest Baptist University
(Amanda Langford)
Elena Cruz-Childs
St. Petersburg College
(Leticia Cruz)
Elisabeth Allen
University of Texas – Dallas
(Jennifer Allen)
Emily Meinert
Wake Forest University
(Andy Eichelberger)
Gianna Gato
Florida State University
(Jenise Gato)
Isa Lozano
University of Texas – Arlington
(Viana Lozano)
Jaice Pullathil
ATP Flight School
(Joby James)
Joseph Alexander
Graceland University
(Frankie Baker)
Karissa Heigel
LeTourneau University
(Mavis Heigel)
Kylie Kuster
Colorado Christian University
(Dawn Kuster)
Lindsey Barber
University of Utah
(Vonda Barber)
Madeline Hopp
Texas A&M University
(Jina Hopp)
Madeline Murphy
University of North Carolina
(Ann Murphy)
Madison Hauskins
Idaho State University
(Rebekka Houskins)
Makenna Van Huss
Texas A&M University – Commerce
(Vicki Van Huss)
Maya Peterson
Utah Valley University
(Jason Peterson)
Ryan Brumley
Sienna Heights University
(Sherry Brumley)
Smrithi Muthukrishnan
North Carolina State University
(Muthukrishnan Venkatraman)
Virginia Lander
Clemson University
(Gary Lander)
Weston Vardeman
Texas A&M University
(Chelsea Vardeman)

At Fathom, our guiding principles lead us to success, growth, and fulfilled dreams for our employees, agents, and families. The Fathom Scholarship Program aligns with a service, charity, and family culture that builds trust and confidence in the company. Learn more about how Fathom can change your real estate career at