Are You ready to CAP for Life with Fathom Realty?

September 22, 2022
8:00 am

Did you know that in the RISMedia 2022 Contracts and Commissions survey, more than three-quarters (77%) of agents said that commission splits are a “very important” factor impacting their real estate careers? Unfortunately, you are not alone in thinking that splits paid to your Broker are too high.

So, if you are still paying high commission splits, stop! Seriously, stop. At Fathom Realty, our 100% commission plan helps you keep MORE of your money without sacrificing cutting-edge technology, practical training, incredible support, and local leadership.

The RISMedia survey also reported that technology “ranked nearly as important as commission splits, with 73% citing it as “very important,” and 92% ranking it as at least “somewhat important.” Fathom’s intelliAgent proprietary back-office technology platform simplifies real estate agent’s business. It starts with a customizable agent website that can turn leads into clients. The robust platform manages your business and keeps it growing.

If you join Fathom now, you may qualify to CAP for life! Fathom’s CAP 4 LIFE Referral Program is a limited-time opportunity for new and existing Fathom agents to CAP for life by referring four agents by February 2023. Your transaction fees will be capped for as long as you are with Fathom Realty. So, in addition to 100% commission, your transaction fee of $500 would be reduced to $99*. What would more money mean to you and your business?

Our CAP 4 LIFE Referral Program stacks on top of our stock grant program, giving you more cash and company stock benefits for referring agents to our Fathom family. It is our way of saying, “Thanks for joining the Fathomly.”

Isn’t it time you get MORE from your Broker to grow your business? Learn more about joining Fathom here

*Based on the current 2022 Compensation Plan.