Beyond Real Estate: Fathom Serves 2024 Weeks Revealed

May 9, 2024
8:00 am

Fathom Realty is thrilled to announce the continuation of our impactful community service initiative, Fathom Serves, in 2024. Building on the success and reach of the inaugural event in August 2023, we are setting aside two weeks in 2024 for our agents nationwide to choose cohesive and unified ways to serve their communities. During the weeks of June 3 – 8, 2024, and December 9 – 14, 2024, Fathom Realty leaders, alongside our agents, will engage in community service projects to make a seismic impact nationwide and further strengthen our commitment to serving our communities.

“Fathom Serves exemplifies our commitment to service, showcasing that Fathom is not just a real estate company but a compassionate community partner,” stated Marco Fregenal, CEO of Fathom Holdings, Inc. “By collaborating with districts nationwide, we aim to create a profound impact during these dedicated weeks, illustrating our deep-rooted desire to serve and uplift our communities.”

The Fathom Serves 2023 was a resounding success, showcasing the commitment and compassion of Fathom Realty agents nationwide. The impact was remarkable, with 55 service events in 24 states and 420 volunteers dedicating 2,200 service hours. From school programs to beautification projects and food drives, Fathom agents came together to make a tangible difference in their communities. Building on this incredible momentum, Fathom Realty is excited to continue the Fathom Serves initiative in 2024.

“At Fathom, we believe that service is more than just a principle – it’s a way of life,” said Samantha Giuggio, Chief Operations Officer, Fathom Realty. “Through Fathom Serves 2024, we can continue to unite and make a tangible difference in our local areas.”

In the coming weeks leading up to the Fathom Serves summer events, District Directors will collaborate with their agents to research and brainstorm innovative projects that support deserving organizations. These efforts aim to identify impactful ways to contribute to improving communities across the country, reflecting Fathom Realty’s commitment to making a lasting difference. By fostering creativity and teamwork, Fathom Realty continues cultivating a service culture that extends far beyond real estate transactions.

“Our mission is clear,” William Nunez, Director of Culture, affirms. We are dedicated to positively impacting the communities we serve and eagerly anticipate the significant changes we can achieve through Fathom Serves 2024!”

Explore the transformative power of Fathom Realty’s service principal, propelling your real estate journey to unprecedented levels while leaving a lasting imprint on your clients and community. Unlock your full potential by aligning with a brokerage that prioritizes servant leadership, cultivates genuine relationships, and strives to enact positive change in the lives of the individuals we support.