Couples that Work Together, Cap Together!

May 4, 2021
8:00 am
Fathom Couples

At Fathom Realty, we recognize that spouses share the same home, the same hobbies, and the same bank account and are genuinely one unit. Therefore, we treat spouses as one person when it comes to the annual fee, transaction fees, and cap rate.

You read that right–if you and your spouse work together as agents for Fathom Realty, you only have to pay fees once, and you both share the same commission cap. Fathom Realty is one of just a handful of real estate companies that offers a Spouse Plan.

“So thankful for this opportunity! Scott and I are so blessed to be at Fathom!”

— Michelle Wallace

Recently, Fathom CEO and founder Joshua Harley invited Fathom agents to share their thoughts about working with their spouses and they were kind enough to provide some insight. So how do couples face the challenges of marriage while also taking on the challenges of working together? Here’s some relationship advice from some of our Fathom team members.

Stacy Massar says that “knowing what each partner is good at and enjoys doing really helps when deciding on tasks to be done daily as well as the long-term plan!” Spouses Keith and Sheila Campbell propose taking a personality test to determine your strengths and weaknesses. At the same time, Kirstine Openshaw suggests hiring a coach to help you both hone your skills and make sure you’re putting them to work most productively.

“This is one of the many reasons why Chris and I chose Fathom. We love being on this journey together!”

— Melissa Henry Cooper

“Be true to who you each are,” Keith and Sheila continue, “and support each other to help you each individually and collectively be in the best position possible for success. Clearly define your roles in the business and be specific about who is doing what, and then become very proficient at what you each do.” Along those lines, Rob Fountain emphasizes the importance of “staying in your lane” and letting your spouse do what they are best at, without your micromanaging or interference. Sheri Geyer backs this up by saying, “Give each other the bandwidth to work within your strengths.”

Remember that “both of [you] are allowed to have ‘bad days,’ just preferably not on the same day,” jokes Jackie Killian. Jackie goes on to stress the importance of having patience with your spouse as they learn alongside you and strongly recommends having a dedicated family time “with NO work talk after 7:00 pm.”

“The couple that caps together, stays together.”

— Jackie Killian

Sheri Geyer praises the Fathom’s Spouse Plan for its “great tools, technology, and the ability to brand ‘us.’” Imagine working together with your beloved significant other to build not only a successful real estate business but also a recognizable and noteworthy brand!

“Fathom agents and leadership are so supportive,” states Jackie. “We love seeing the changes with more virtual meetings and referral opportunities.” Keith and Sheila explain that Fathom Realty’s strong family culture and servant’s mindset have contributed much to their sense of job security. Kirstine lauds Fathom for providing a drama-free work situation, which allows her to focus on bettering her business.

If working with your significant other by your side in real estate while saving on fees sounds interesting, learn more about our spouse commission plan here, or reach out to us online to speak with a Fathom team member here. Fathom Realty is ready to help make your family a success!