Fathom District Director runs NYC marathon, raises money to help others

December 15, 2022
8:00 am

Jodi Mews, a Fathom district director in the Hawaiian Islands, is a long-distance runner with a purpose.

Not only is Mews celebrating her successful run in the November 6th New York City Marathon, she says she’s “speechless and overwhelmed” by the $5,700 her supporters donated to  Shatterproof, a national nonprofit organization dedicated to reversing the addiction crisis in the United States. Shatterproof focuses on advocating for policy change, education, transforming addiction treatment, and shattering the stigma associated with addiction.

The nonprofit holds special meaning for Mews, whose life was altered by a relative’s addiction.

“Addiction is real and is robbing lives and stealing family members every day in our country, and many of us are choosing to look the other way and ignore this devastating disease,” Mews said.

“I have experienced firsthand the pain and hardships this deadly disease can cause,” Mews added. “I’ve made it my mission to share my story in hopes that no one will ever feel alone or without hope if they or someone they know is battling addiction.”

Mews trained for months for her marathon run, posting updates to social media and requesting donations to Shatterproof. In the end, she exceeded her fundraising goal of $5,000.

Mews’ performance in the marathon was similarly impressive. She finished in the top half of the nearly 48,000 runners, posting a time of 4:43:59.

A real estate agent since 2009, Mews’ success is based almost exclusively on referrals. Most important to Mews, she says, is providing the highest level of service to clients to earn their trust, referrals, repeat business, and friendship.

When she’s not selling real estate, Mews keeps busy coaching fellow agents, enjoying time with family, and, of course, running. Just a few weeks after the New York City Marathon, Mews successfully ran the Honolulu Marathon, her third of the year and her sixth total.

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