Fathom Realty Launches Fathom Academy

December 8, 2021
9:05 am

We are excited to officially introduce Fathom Academy, our new enterprise learning management system, nationwide. Powered by Docebo®’s AI-powered e-learning software, Fathom Academy gives agents greater access and control of Fathom’s vast array of knowledge management resources, such as live webinars, in-person events, on-demand courses, and training and sales videos, among other educational and professional development programs and offerings to help them become more productive and increase transactions.

“Providing our agents with the industry’s best training and support always has been a passion of mine that is rooted in Fathom’s servant-leadership philosophy,” said Josh Harley, founder, and CEO of Fathom. “Our philosophy of agent-focused service allows Fathom agents to better serve their clients. Fathom Academy combines our many learning tools and resources into an intuitive platform that gives agents a competitive edge that will further enhance their development, productivity, and business goals with greater ease and more efficiency.”

Integrated into Fathom’s intelliAgent platform, Fathom Academy enables new and existing agents to customize their profiles to better access, plan, manage and track the progress of their education and training activities.

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Read the official Fathom Academy press release HERE.