Fathom Realty’s Michael Wong’s Elected to NC REALTORS® Finance Committee

September 7, 2023
8:00 am

At Fathom Realty, we are more than just a team; we’re a family of dedicated and accomplished real estate professionals who continually strive for excellence in serving our clients and communities. Today, we are thrilled to shine the spotlight on one of our esteemed agents, Michael Wong, who hails from the West Charlotte, NC, district. Michael’s dedication to his profession and recent accomplishment of being elected to the NC REALTORS® 2024-25 Finance Committee exemplifies his commitment to his clients and the real estate industry.

With seven years of experience as a REALTOR®, Michael has forged a path of excellence marked by his unwavering commitment to his clients’ needs and his passion for fostering positive change within the industry. Beyond his exemplary work with Fathom Realty, Michael has been an active and influential member of the local association, holding roles such as two years on the Canopy REALTOR® Association and seven years of involvement on the Canopy REALTOR® Audit Budget and Finance committee, among others.

Michael’s dedication extends beyond the local level, as he has also served as an NC REALTORS® Board member from Region 8 for two years. His breadth of experience and understanding of financial matters uniquely positions him to contribute effectively to the NC REALTORS® 2024-25 Finance Committee.

Michael’s educational background is a testament to his qualifications, having earned a BA with a double major in International Relations and Economics from Tufts University. Moreover, he has successfully completed the prestigious Dartmouth Tuck School of Business Bridge Program, further enhancing his business acumen and financial expertise.

One of Michael’s primary objectives is to instill a culture of transparency within the NC REALTORS® Finance Committee. He firmly believes that transparency and efficient decision-making are the cornerstone of the Association’s future growth and success. His goals center around providing timely financial information that empowers the committee to make informed and strategic decisions, ultimately driving the organization forward. Michael’s deep understanding of financial transparency and accountability underscores his commitment to ensuring the Association’s financial infrastructure is robust enough to accommodate the state’s imminent growth.

Outside of his professional pursuits, Michael is a dedicated family man, residing in North Carolina for over 15 years and sharing his life with his beloved wife and four children. Together, they cherish the moments spent making memories through travel adventures and exploring new culinary experiences.

At Fathom Realty, we take immense pride in celebrating the accomplishments of agents like Michael Wong, who excel in their real estate careers and contribute meaningfully to the industry and the communities they serve. Michael’s dedication to financial integrity, transparency, and excellence inspires us all, and we look forward to witnessing the positive impact he will undoubtedly bring to the NC REALTORS® 2024-25 Finance Committee. Congratulations, Michael! Your achievements are a testament to your passion and commitment, and we are honored to have you as part of the Fathom Realty family.