Fathom Realty’s New Partnerships Enhance Agent Benefits

May 2, 2024
8:00 am

Fathom Realty is delighted to announce exclusive partnerships with The CE Shop and Working Advantage. These unique collaborations provide enhanced benefits for Fathom’s real estate agents and mortgage professionals, underscoring our commitment to their continued professional growth and personal well-being.

The CE Shop is an industry-leading online education provider offering a wide range of courses and programs to real estate agents and mortgage loan officers. Through this partnership, Fathom affiliates will now enjoy discounted rates on essential continuing education courses, fulfilling state-specific licensure requirements at a reduced cost.

Fathom Holding’s partnership with Working Advantage introduces Fathom professionals to an exclusive savings marketplace. This platform not only supports personal and financial well-being but also offers access to exclusive deals and special offers not available to the public, ensuring our agents and staff can bolster their home offices economically, find travel deals, enjoy popular streaming services, and enhance their health and wellness, among other categories of offers.

“We are thrilled to partner with The CE Shop and Working Advantage to provide these valuable benefits to our Fathom family,” said Marco Fregenal, CEO of Fathom Holdings, Inc. “These partnerships underscore our commitment to supporting our agents’ professional development and overall well-being.”

“Our new partnerships with The CE Shop and Working Advantage are a testament to our unwavering commitment to our team members’ professional growth and personal enrichment. We are dedicated to providing tools for success and opportunities for significant savings and personal development,” emphasized Samantha Giuggio, Chief Operations Officer of Fathom Realty. “These strategic alliances are tailored to empower our professionals to excel in their careers while enjoying a balanced and fulfilling life. At Fathom, we invest in our people because we firmly believe their success is our success.”

These new offerings and Fathom’s flat-fee transaction model empower agents to thrive in any market. With Fathom’s comprehensive support, which includes the National Training platform, intelliAgent technology, Agent Services aid, and local leadership, Fathom professionals are equipped to succeed without sacrificing their hard-earned income. Fathom Holdings, Inc. continues its steadfast commitment to providing unparalleled support and resources to help its agents achieve their professional goals and excel in the real estate industry.

Join Fathom Realty and ignite your business potential! You’ll have all the tools to excel with access to state-of-the-art technology, top-notch training, and unwavering local support. Be part of a community that cherishes service, embodies a strong culture, and demands excellence. Don’t wait – take your career to the next level with Fathom Realty!