Fathom Ranks #1 Among Large Companies In Dallas

November 2, 2018
2:42 pm

By Josh Crane, Marketing

DALLAS, TX – Fathom Realty has been ranked as the #1 Large Company in the Dallas Morning News “Top 100 Places to Work 2018” awards. Additionally Fathom was awarded the “Best Values” award, and Fathom CEO, Joshua Harley, received the “Top Largest Company Leader” award. 

In his acceptance speech, Harley credits this success to an environment of servant leadership within the Fathom brokerage. “There’s something really profound about leadership. And it’s really two words; it’s about servant leadership.” Harley said at the awards ceremony, “And it’s amazing what happens when you stop trying to lead an army, and instead you truly sit down with each individual person and serve them, and try to empower them to become better.”

Harley also recognized the benefit of being awarded #3 top place to work in Dallas in 2017. He said, “I have to thank Dallas Morning News because last year we got number 3 [top place to work in Dallas], and our team is like, ‘Man, that encourages me. That excites me to be even better.’ So clearly [that] award helped us achieve that next level.”

Fathom experienced explosive growth in the past 12 months, and continues to grow steadily. Dallas Morning News quotes Harley, “While I would love to take credit for this growth, I recognize that our growth is due in large part to the efforts of our agents and employees. I felt it was important to allow them to share in our combined success.” 

Dallas Morning News, through Energage CultureTech specialist, surveyed over 78,000 employees at 298 participating Dallas-Fort Worth companies for this year’s awards. 
[gridzy id=”1″] Edited by Geoff Stertz, Marketing