Generate More Income with Fathom Realty!

July 19, 2022
8:00 am

During these turbulent economic times, there is no crystal ball to predict how the market will play out in 2022. However, most experts believe that housing fundamentals, including interest rates, housing prices, and inventories, will take time to return to a balanced market. Since buyers are expected to have limited financing and purchase opportunities, and sellers may remain on the fence, the opportunities to close sales and generate income are diminishing.

So what did this mean for the average agent? To be brutally honest, more effort for less income. Consider competing for fewer listings and spending more on lead generation. However, one sure way to futureproof your income through this changing market is to join a 100% Commission brokerage, such as Fathom Realty. Here’s why.

Let’s consider the facts.

The National Association of REALTORS® grew its membership from 1.4 million to around 1.6 million last year, a 14% increase. This pool of REALTORS® closed 6.12 million transactions or, on average, four sales per agent. Now that’s a scary number!

If the agent growth rate continues at this pace, more agents will fight over a piece of a smaller pool of opportunities to close sales. So, how does an agent make up for that loss in income?

Now, let’s do the math.


  • Average Sales Price: $350,000
  • Commission 6% total; 3% per side
  • $21,000 total; $10,500 per side

And the best part isn’t included in the chart above. At Fathom, after 12 transactions, you are capped and only pay $99 per transaction putting even more money in your pocket!

Think about what you can do with that extra income. You could spend more on marketing to drive sales, save for retirement, pay down debt, or fund your child’s education. The sky’s the limit, and it simply takes a step of faith. Stay ahead of the curve by switching to Fathom NOW!

In addition, Fathom provides training, technology, agent services, and branding support at no additional charge to ALL agents, not just high-producers. At Fathom, YOU MATTER!

The Fathom family-oriented culture and servant leadership are the foundation for our operational principles. We provide the opportunity to build a team of mortgage, title, and insurance professionals to serve customers with seamless transactions and an exceptional experience. Outstanding customer service and servant leadership are your FREE lead generation strategy!

The time is NOW to join Fathom Realty and enjoy the benefits you truly deserve.