Ginger Marphis Becomes First Agent to Reach FREE4Life Milestone at Fathom Realty

July 11, 2023
8:00 am

We are thrilled to announce a remarkable achievement within our Fathom Realty family. Ginger Marphis of Reno, Nevada, a dedicated and high-producing agent, has become the first to reach the coveted FREE4Life milestone. This exceptional accomplishment signifies Ginger’s commitment to excellence and highlights the tremendous benefits of the innovative Free4Life program.

Impact of the FREE4Life Agent Referral Program

At Fathom Realty, we believe in recognizing and rewarding the exceptional efforts of our agents. The FREE4Life program empowers agents who refer talented individuals to join our ever-growing family. By referring eight agents who become a part of Fathom, agents like Ginger Marphis unlock unparalleled benefits.

“I’ve known Ginger for about five years, and she has always inspired me,” says Kyla Bevel, District Director – Reno, NV. “Her compassion for others is above and beyond, making her shine bright. Mentoring, coaching, and motivating agents are her passion! She has a following far beyond most without even realizing it. I can’t wait to see Fathom grow further and for Ginger to continue to spread her joy encouraging more agents to be FREE4LIFE with her!”

Endless Perks, Zero Fees!

Once an agent achieves FREE4Life status, they experience a dramatic transformation in their business potential at Fathom Realty. With this milestone, agents will never have to worry about paying transaction fees again. The significant benefits of FREE4Life status include the following:

  • No Annual Fee: Free for Life agents are relieved from the burden of annual fees, allowing them to maximize their earnings and invest in their growth without any additional financial strain.
  • No Transaction Fees: With every transaction, FREE4Life agents are relieved that they will not have to minimize their hard-earned commissions with transaction fees. This translates into significant savings and increased business income.
  • It’s important to note that achieving FREE4Life status does not replace the stock incentives that agents earn through referrals. On the contrary, it ADDS an extra layer of prosperity by providing massive cash and stock benefits for simply referring a few agents to the Fathom family. By leveraging this program, agents like Ginger can substantially enhance their earning potential and long-term wealth.

Celebrating Ginger Marphis

Ginger’s accomplishment as the first agent to reach the FREE4Life milestone inspires the entire Fathom Realty community. Her unwavering dedication, persistence, and passion for helping others have made her a shining example of what can be achieved through hard work and determination. We commend Ginger on her exceptional achievement and look forward to witnessing the continued success of her career.

Join the Fathom Family

The FREE4Life program is a testament to our commitment to fostering a supportive and rewarding environment for our agents. At Fathom Realty, we believe in empowering our agents to reach new heights of success by providing them with unrivaled opportunities and benefits.

If you’re an agent seeking a transformative real estate career with a company that genuinely values your contributions, we invite you to join the Fathom family. By becoming a part of our network, you’ll not only gain access to cutting-edge technology, training, and resources but also have the chance to unlock the incredible benefits of the Free for Life program. Learn more about Fathom Realty today!