Hometown Heroes: A Game-Changer for Real Estate Agents and Community Heroes

June 15, 2023
8:00 am

In a recent presentation, James Reed, the Executive Vice-President of Sales at Hometown Heroes, introduced the relaunch of this inspiring program to support the heroes who serve our communities. Hometown Heroes, a brand under Fathom Holdings, Inc., is dedicated to giving back to those who make our neighborhoods better places to live. Fathom Realty agents have an opportunity to be a part of this noble initiative and experience significant growth in their businesses. This article will overview Hometown Heroes and highlight its immense benefits to our agents and the community heroes they serve.

Giving Back to Community Heroes

The primary objective of Hometown Heroes is to bridge the gap between the financial challenges faced by community heroes and the dream of homeownership. By leveraging the collective expertise of Fathom Brands real estate, mortgage professionals, insurance, and title services, Hometown Heroes offers substantial savings and discounts to heroes. For example, an average hero purchasing a $300,000 home can save approximately $3,500 by utilizing the discounts provided through Fathom Realty, Encompass Lending Group, Dagley Insurance Agency, and Verus Title.

Eligibility and Inclusivity

Hometown Heroes appreciates many individuals who serve and support their communities. The program is open to first responders, medical staff, government employees, veterans, active guard reserve and retirees, nonprofit employees, and educators. The inclusivity of this initiative reflects its commitment to recognizing the vital role played by various heroes within a community, even extending the benefits to janitorial staff and support personnel working in hospitals and educational institutions.

Exclusive Brand and Growing Network

With over 500 Fathom agents registered as early adopters, Hometown Heroes is an exclusive brand within the Fathom Holdings network. This exclusivity ensures that the program is dedicated to serving heroes while providing Fathom agents with a unique opportunity to impact their communities positively. Additionally, by aligning themselves with Hometown Heroes, agents gain access to a highly loyal customer base and benefit from a referral rate four times higher than traditional marketing platforms.

The Power of Doing the Right Thing

Joining Hometown Heroes comes at zero risk for real estate agents, as there are no signup fees or monthly charges. Agents participating in this program can build their business model by doing the right thing and creating lasting connections within close-knit communities. The heroes who benefit from this program often share their positive experiences with friends, colleagues, and fellow community members, resulting in increased referrals and substantial business growth for agents.

Opportunities for Business Growth

Hometown Heroes is a golden ticket for Fathom agents seeking to penetrate close-knit communities they may not have previously accessed. The savings and benefits offered through the program resonate with individuals looking to save money, especially in times of financial strain. Heroes who take advantage of the program often recommend their trusted real estate agents to others, facilitating organic growth within these communities. Additionally, Hometown Heroes is piloting lead programs in select states and markets, enabling certified agents to receive leads directly from the program.

Joining Hometown Heroes

To become part of this impactful program, Fathom Realty agents can visit  and click on the “Partner with Us” section. Then, they simply need to complete the registration form and participate in a 30-minute webinar that comprehensively explains the program. Upon completion, agents gain access to Hometown Heroes marketing materials and valuable best practices to support their efforts in giving back to their communities.

Hometown Heroes, a Fathom Holdings brand, presents a unique opportunity for real estate agents to make a difference in the lives of community heroes while growing their businesses. By offering substantial savings and discounts, Hometown Heroes enables heroes to overcome the financial challenges associated with homeownership. Real estate agents participating in this program benefit from a loyal customer base and experience significant referral rates and organic business growth. Joining Hometown Heroes allows agents to align themselves with a program dedicated to doing the right thing and becoming active contributors to their communities. Together, agents and heroes can create a positive impact that extends far beyond real estate.

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