LiveBy: Empowering Real Estate Agents with Hyper-Local Solutions

June 13, 2023
8:00 am

As a real estate agent, staying ahead of the game in a dynamic market is crucial for success. That’s where LiveBy, a Fathom Holdings brand, comes in as your hyper-local real estate solution provider. With an impressive track record and an unwavering commitment to innovation, LiveBy has emerged as a game-changer in the industry. In a recent presentation by Todd Bohling, Director of Product and Engineering for LiveBy products, he shed light on the company’s performance and upcoming projects. Next, let’s delve into the highlights of LiveBy’s achievements and vision for the future.

Expansion into Canada

LiveBy has been relentless in pursuit of providing comprehensive real estate data. In the first quarter of this year, they reached a significant milestone by expanding into Canada, solidifying LiveBy’s position as a single data source for clients. By incorporating Canada into their products, including local and community pages, LiveBy has gathered demographic information, added MLS coverage, and developed new boundaries and school catchment areas. This expansion allows their customers to extend their reach into new markets, presenting an exciting opportunity for growth.

Standardizing APIs for Seamless Integration

LiveBy has made significant strides in standardizing its APIs to enhance its technology partnerships and streamline data integration. This effort simplifies sourcing real estate data from a single vendor, providing more customers with a consistent and efficient solution. The standardization of APIs will not only benefit LiveBy’s clients but will also power a range of experiences for Fathom Realty, including intelligent automation (IA) and transaction systems. This step forward emphasizes LiveBy’s commitment to driving innovation and delivering an exceptional user experience.

Improvements to Community Pages and LiveBy Local

LiveBy understands the importance of engaging with consumers right from the start. To that end, they have made notable improvements to their community pages and LiveBy local functionality. A new interactive MAP experience has been launched, enhancing readability and data points. Community page call-to-action features have been expanded, offering increased lead generation potential. Furthermore, load times have been optimized to address search engine optimization (SEO) concerns. These efforts ensure the consumer experience begins with a compelling and informative engagement, setting the stage for successful prospect interactions.

Enhanced Market Reports and Neighborhood Data

LiveBy recognizes data’s power in educating real estate agents and clients. With this in mind, they have refined their market reports to include better calls to action, resulting in a fivefold increase in prospect engagement. Quarterly reports are being developed to offer a different snapshot of various markets, providing agents with valuable insights. LiveBy’s Geographic Information Systems (GIS) team plays a vital role in mapping boundaries accurately, ensuring precise data points when selecting communities and neighborhoods. Their extensive efforts to source school attendance boundaries add an additional layer of credibility and value to the information agents can share with their clients.

Partnership with Constellation1 for MLS Data

LiveBy’s commitment to data accuracy and market representation is unwavering. They have partnered with Constellation1 to upgrade their MLS data feed infrastructure. This collaboration enables LiveBy to enhance data quality, scale their feed aggregation seamlessly, and simplify MLS contract management. By aligning with a partner actively involved in RESO industry standards, LiveBy aims to foster consistency, accessibility, and cost reduction in managing MLS data feeds. With over 600 MLS feeds accessible through Constellation1, LiveBy’s expansion into new markets and MLS becomes a smooth and efficient process.

Future Vision and Revolutionary Content Solutions

LiveBy remains dedicated to empowering real estate agents with cutting-edge tools and resources. They have a clear product vision aimed at launching revolutionary new digital content solutions. These solutions will strengthen client connections and drive business growth. In addition, LiveBy’s unwavering commitment to data quality, continuous improvement, and user feedback positions them as a leader in providing innovative resources for the ever-evolving real estate industry.

LiveBy, the hyper-local real estate solution provider, has made remarkable strides in delivering comprehensive data, enhancing user experiences, and forging partnerships to ensure accuracy and scale. Their recent achievements, such as the expansion into Canada and standardized APIs, showcase their commitment to meeting the needs of their clients and driving innovation in the industry. With their future vision focused on revolutionary digital content solutions, LiveBy is primed to empower real estate agents with the tools they need to excel in an increasingly competitive market. As a real estate agent, embracing LiveBy’s offerings can help you stay one step ahead and build lasting connections with clients.