Recognizing Excellence: Samantha Giuggio Honored with HousingWire Women of Influence Award

August 3, 2023
8:00 am

We are delighted to bring you remarkable news that reflects the outstanding nature of our Fathom family. Samantha Giuggio, Chief Operating Officer of Fathom Realty, has garnered well-deserved recognition as a recipient of the esteemed HousingWire Women of Influence award. This prestigious accolade celebrates 100 exceptional women annually whose impactful achievements are shaping the trajectory of the real estate landscape. This year marks the 14th edition of this distinguished award program.

Samantha Giuggio’s contributions have proven instrumental in propelling Fathom Realty to new pinnacles of achievement. Her innovative insights, unwavering commitment to our agents, and steadfast pursuit of innovation have not only propelled us to secure the coveted No. 2 Top Mover position in the 2023 RealTrends 500 rankings but also set a benchmark for excellence in our industry. Her expansive experience, spanning several decades in real estate, empowers her to lead our extensive team of over 10,000 agents and local leaders nationwide, ensuring that every transaction aligns with our commitment to a seamless and exceptional experience.

Samantha’s professional stature is fortified by her certifications from The John Maxwell Company and Buffini & Company, underscoring her proficiency as both an accomplished speaker and coach. Her advocacy for authentic leadership resonates deeply within Fathom Realty, inspiring a transformative approach to industry practices and nurturing a culture of empowerment. Her influence extends beyond our organization, as she motivates others to catalyze meaningful change in their professional spheres.

Beyond her individual accomplishments, Samantha represents the epitome of perseverance and achievement in an industry that has not always been equally accessible to all. Her recognition as a HousingWire Woman of Influence is a resounding testament to the power of women’s leadership in traditionally male-dominated domains.

President & CFO Marco A. Fregenal aptly captures the sentiment of our entire organization. He notes, “Samantha’s dedication and exceptional leadership have been instrumental in Fathom Realty’s success. Her innovative ideas and unwavering commitment to our agents have not only elevated our business but have also contributed to the growth and transformation of the real estate industry.”

As we celebrate Samantha Giuggio’s well-earned accolade from the HousingWire Women of Influence award, we recognize that her journey embodies the essence of leadership that propels progress and redefines industry benchmarks. Her achievements are a testament to Fathom Realty’s unwavering commitment to excellence and transformation.