03 – Hot Topics: Love Letters, Open Houses and Multiple Offers

As Fathom’s state broker for Texas, Shari is the front lines of supporting and educating agents on the day-to-day compliance and best practices they need to know to effectively represent their clients. Listen in as she shares insights on setting up a successful open house, dealing with love letters and managing multiple offers in today’s hectic market.

Topics Covered:

0:42 – Sheri Rios, Texas State Broker – Fathom Realty shares her real estate story.

3:38 – What is the role of a real estate State Broker?

4:10 – Compliance in real estate is key. Make sure agents are up to date on all contract information.

5:16 – Advocate for agent and clients ensuring fiduciary responsibilities are fulfilled.

6:20 – “Broker Bytes” videos fulfill the need to educate agents on trending topics.

8:06 – Hot topic: Managing open houses in the real estate marketplace.

12:45 – Pre-marketing an open house and organize event with checklists.

14:40 – Plan and conduct an open house thoughtfully and safely.

15:30 – Hot topic: Love letters from a potential home buyer to sellers.

16:25 – Real estate love letters can violate federal Fair Housing Laws.

17:40 – Seller’s decision to accept a homebuyer’s offer must be based on objective terms of the sales contract.

18:44 – Tips from the National Association of REALTORS® on seller love letters for listing agents.

20:45 – Best practices for a listing agent in a multiple offer situation.

20:53 – Create a spreadsheet with objective terms of each offer to purchase in a multiple offer situation.

22:30 – Create an Offer Guidelines sheet that provides the seller’s preferences, not requirements.

24:15 – What do you think the real estate market will look like for the next 12 months?

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