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11 – Know Your Value as a Team Leader

Kelsie Rasure started selling real estate at a young age. She knew this profession was for her. Along the way she learned she loved to teach and support others to be successful. So the progression to team leader was a natural one. Today she leads a team (she prefers the word “group” to “team”) of nine agents and growing. In this episode she shares how her group is structured, how she attracted group members, insights into developing your value proposition, and more!

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Topics Covered

0:15 – Kelsie Rasure, Rise Real Estate Group – Broker Associate /Owner, Fathom Realty – Midland/Odessa, TX

1:23 – Kelsie’s Real Estate Story

3:25 – Timeline of Kelsie’s real estate career.

4:20 – Passion for real estate agent coaching.

5:10 – Becoming a real estate team leader.

5:35 – The evolution of Rise Real Estate Group.

7:38 – The value proposition of Rise Real Estate Group for clients and agents.

9:25 – Aliening values when recruiting new agents to a real estate team.

10:15 – The operations and systems of a successful real estate team; keep it simple!

11:20 – Utilizing Google Suite to manage the operations of a real estate team.

12:25 – Documentation of team operations and systems; train agents to find the answer.

14:30 – Advice for real estate team leaders that maybe struggling to grow their business.

15:18 – Being authentic and focusing on your passion as a team leader will attract the right team members.

17:00 – Perception of real estate team leaders as solely lead generators.

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