04 – How to Compete in an Aggressive Market

Our job is to adapt to the changing market conditions and educate our clients on how they can best compete to win offers. Today’s aggressive market has left many agents behind and frustrated as they write offer after offer with buyers and don’t get any of them accepted. Changing that cycle starts with educating the buyers and educating ourselves on strategies to better position our clients to win. Tune in as Andres Aviles gives you the inside scoop on the strategies he shares with his agents.

Topics Covered

0:28 – Introducing Andres Aviles – Fathom Realty – Dallas/Fort-Worth, TX

1:25 – Winning offers in today’s real estate market.

1:57 – Designing a real estate agent training class simulating a multiple offer scenario.

3:52 – Using simulated role-play as a real estate agent training tool.

4:23 – Andres Aviles’ real estate story.

6:20 – Transition from real estate agent to Fathom Realty District Director.

8:20 – Relationship building with real estate clients, investors, and agents.

8:58 – Purpose of your real estate sphere of influence (SOI); free advertising!

10:12 – What strategies should real estate agents use when navigating a multiple offer scenerio?

10:28 – Setting home buyer expectations in a multiple offer situation.

12:18 – Real estate agents must educate their clients on the current market dynamics.

13:50 – Working with the real estate listing agent across the table.

17:20  – Where do you see the real estate market in the next 12 – 24 months?

19:15 – Will a balanced real estate market return?

20:00 – Stay up-to-date on the home financing options; knowledge is king!

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