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07 – What the Future Holds For Teams [Live Event Recording]

One in four real estate agents is currently part of a team. If you are a team member or interested in becoming a leader, you’ll want to listen to this episode! We take you inside an in-person Fathom event featuring top teams from across the country. This episode of Real Estate Stories spotlights the keynote presentation from Fathom CEO and Founder Josh Harley on the four types of team structures in today’s real estate market.

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Topics Covered

3:58 – History of real estate teams

5:02 – Growth of real estate teams

6:09 – National Association of REALTORS® data on real estate teams

7:55 – Trends in real estate agent teams in a changing market

8:46 – What is the best real estate team model for me?

9:00 – What is the definition of a real estate team’s success?

9:27 –  Four types of real estate team models

10:14 – Partnership model

12:05 – Fellowship model

13:43 – Mentorship model

15:50 – Lead generation model

18:52 – What is the best team model?

19:30 – What is the future for real estate teams?

20:00 – What does the future hold for the real estate market

21:50 – Hard times create opportunity

24:40 – Fathom Realty agents net more money per transaction

25:30 – How to succeed in a down market

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