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08 – Talking to Buyers About Interest Rates

The market has changed quickly. Rising mortgage rates and concern over the housing market has left many buyers wondering what to do. Join Sean Varin, President of Encompass Lending as he shares how loan officers and real estate professionals can guide and educate buyers on the conditions of the current market. He’ll share how to do a cost of waiting analysis, rent versus buy comparison, and more.

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Topics Covered

0:48 – Conversations that real estate agents and loan officers are having with homebuyers.

1:00 – Introducing Sean Varin, President, Encompass Lending Group

1:38 – Market forecast for the remainder of 2022

3:15 – Should I buy a home now versus waiting for the market conditions to change?

4:37 – Marry the house, and date the rate.

7:40 – Cost of Waiting analysis

8:30 – First-time homebuyers; rent versus buy conversation.

10:30 – When should buyers reach out to the loan officers in buying process?

12:06 – Real estate agents should build strong relationships with the loan officers.

12:19 – Encompass Lending Group Buyer Credit Program; exclusive for Fathom Realty agents.

13:50 – 5 Scripts You Need Right Now; Conversations You’ll Need During the Market Shift

15:35 – Final words of advice; stay positive!

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