Staying Connected to Your Real Estate Besties!

April 6, 2023
8:00 am

A solid real estate business is built on relationships and interconnections within your sphere of influence. Unfortunately, the lack of facetime during the pandemic created a void of collaboration and networking among fellow agents. Lost were opportunities for learning and masterminding ideas for brand building and growth opportunities.

Recognizing this unfulfilled need, many of Fathom Realty’s District Directors found new approaches to engagement and kinship with their agents. The common theme among their initiatives was consistency. Each leader set a place, date, and time for a gathering, in-person or virtual, and adhered to the schedule. Agents appreciate the certainty of a routine and are, therefore, more apt to attend and actively participate in discussions. Here is a sample of what our local leaders do to stay connected.

Gail Ailor, District Director – Richmond, VA

Gail organizes two monthly meetings like clockwork. Her District Zoom meetings are held on the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month. Gail ensures that the meeting content is compelling and relevant through her Agent-elected Advisory Council, which surveys the group to determine the topics. As a rule, one meeting covers an educational subject, and the second is a Mastermind meeting. 

She sends reminders using internal communication tools and email. Her meetings are attended by 50 percent or greater of the District agents. In addition, representatives from Fathom brands, Encompass Lending and Verus Title are always present to address trending issues such as mortgage rate buy-downs and positioning home seller listings as interest rates are rising.  

Shannon Cooper, District Director – Monmouth/Ocean Counties, NJ

Shannon also employs twice monthly District virtual meetings on Thursdays to share the latest updates from Fathom’s national Leadership Call earlier in the day. She also organizes “Lunch and Learn” sessions and invites local professionals to present relevant real estate topics.

Brenda Brewster, District Director, and Tennessee State Broker

Communicating across an entire state is no easy task, but Brenda spearheads numerous opportunities to keep agents engaged and connected. First, Fathom agents throughout Tennessee are invited to Mastermind Mondays to brainstorm business ideas and strategies. Then, the market centers of Knoxville, Nashville North, and South, Clarksville, Tri-Cities, and the Great Smokey Mountains hold lunch meetings to connect. 

Robert Fountain, District Director, Greater Atlanta, GA

When Rob opened Fathom’s Georgia market in 2012, he held tent events to promote the brand and start conversations with fellow agents. He continues those discussions every other Wednesday during his District meetings. In addition, Rob believes in building solid relationships with certified industry professionals to provide valuable continuing education classes for his agents.

What are is Brokerage doing for you in your market? Fathom’s local leaders are committed to ongoing, relevant, in-person real estate training. Topics include marketing, contracts, social media, business management and more! Meetings are never mandatory, but always valuable. 

If keeping more of your hard-earned commission without sacrificing technology, support, training, and local leadership sounds great to you, reach out, and let’s talk. Our team is standing by to answer your questions and to see if Fathom is the right fit for you.

At Fathom, YOU Matter!