Using Hyperlocal Data in a Changing Market

September 29, 2022
8:00 am

With a shifting market, now is the time to get back to fundamentals. Nothing is more fundamental than hyperlocal marketing! At its core, it’s gathering and sharing genuine community insights on a micro scale—down to the street level. 

Consumers choose their agents based on research and neighborhood expertise, not their brokerage. According to the NAR Home Buyers and Sellers Generational Trends report, the quality of a neighborhood is the number one factor in deciding where to live. As an agent, understanding this need and perspective, in-depth data, demographics, and insights will help you win over these tech-savvy consumers. This means more high-quality leads, referrals, and closings. But how do you best showcase hyperlocal knowledge?

It’s NOT about the zip code.

First, it is essential to understand that by nature of the word, hyperlocal experts are NOT focused on an entire metro area…zip code, region, or county. Instead, hyperlocal experts are stewards of their communities. They build trust and a dedicated following by focusing on a smaller scale, understanding the nuances of their targeted markets, and leveraging that knowledge to grow their sphere. 

Understand the five to ten neighborhoods you regularly serve and develop content that speaks to areas of interest, such as the local housing market, lifestyle trends, municipal resources, shops, restaurants, schools, vendors, etc., for those specific communities, NOT the zip codes. You want to be known as the go-to neighborhood expert!

You are the local expert! 

Real estate is a personal business that requires more than reciting statistics and facts; it involves perspective from boots-on-the-ground expertise. So leverage your unique insights AND layer in hard-hitting data showing you are the whole package. 

Get personal – share the context of the latest market stats from a local coffee shop in a TikTok or Reeks short-form video. Engage with clients on Nextdoor with community insights, and post monthly updates on Facebook. Create consistency in the quality and frequency of the content you post, and don’t forget to engage with your audience.

Use the right tools

Having the right tools makes all the difference when establishing yourself as a hyperlocal expert. Market data changes constantly, so having access to trustworthy and easy-to-use local resources is critical. Technology platforms like Fathom’s LiveBy put data first and drill down to the neighborhood level in seconds. Just think, community web pages, monthly market reports, and neighborhood guides with lead generation at your fingertips. That is the type of verifiable content that builds trust and sets you apart from your competitors as the true expert. Learn 3 Ways to Leverage Hyperlocal Data in 10 minutes or less here.

Go “all-in” with hyperlocal

As this market shifts, it’s time to embrace being hyperlocal. It’s time to go ALL IN on being the hyperlocal expert in your community, growing your sphere, and getting more closings. Positioning yourself as the local “Go-To Agent” and providing value to that community will win your potential client’s trust and business. 

At Fathom, our 100% commission allows agents to reinvest those savings in their business. In addition, cutting-edge technology and exclusive resources provided to our agents from intelliAgent and LiveBy offers an integrated solution to compete in this highly competitive, ever-changing housing market.

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