Beyond Books & Blessings: Fathom Serves for Cancer Patients in Northeast Wisconsin

January 23, 2024
8:00 am

A community-driven initiative led by Fathom Realty’s District Director, Allison Boucher, in Northeast Wisconsin has touched the lives of cancer patients in a profound way. The event, aptly named “Beyond Books & Blessings,” was a heartwarming expression of compassion and service to those battling cancer at the Bellin Cancer Center.

The Inspiration Behind the Event

Allison Boucher’s motivation to initiate this remarkable service event was deeply personal. She shared a touching story about her own experiences with cancer, stating, “My mother passed of cancer.” In her mother’s memory, her son decided to create a foundation that would serve children. This commitment to making a positive impact in the face of adversity set the stage for an inspiring endeavor.

Making a Difference

The heart of “Beyond Books & Blessings” was a sincere desire to support cancer patients by providing them with books and crafts to uplift their spirits during treatment. The catalyst for this initiative was a local cancer survivor who dedicated her time as a volunteer in the cancer center library. Recognized for her unwavering dedication, she won the prestigious Wisconsin Volunteer of the Year award and was featured in a television news story.

Allison, moved by the survivor’s selfless efforts and aware of the pressing need for resources in the cancer center, decided to take action. “For months, I set out bins at local businesses for others to donate books, daily devotions, puzzle books, along with children’s books,” she explained. Her son’s foundation, Kathy’s Kids, started in memory of Allison’s mother, and played a vital role by accepting donations of children’s books.

A Heartfelt Donation

The generosity of the community poured in, with bins placed at Thomson’s County Market and The Shop on Main, alongside numerous porch pickups. The result was astounding – six boxes of books, including daily devotionals and more, were donated to The Cancer Treatment Center in Green Bay. Meanwhile, the children’s books found a new home at Kathy’s Kids Foundation and were added to the library at the Pediatric Cancer Center.

Fulfilling Fathom’s Guiding Principles

One core guiding principle of Fathom Realty is a commitment to serve the community. For Allison and her team, this principle was not just a corporate slogan but a deeply personal belief. She explained, “Fathom believes in several Guiding Principles. One of them is serving your community. For me, that is a very important gesture. See a need and find a way to fulfill it. To give rather than receive.”

A Meaningful Gesture

The journey of cancer patients is often fraught with pain and uncertainty. These books and crafts offer a brief respite, a momentary escape from the weight of their circumstances. Allison expressed her hope that these donated items could help patients momentarily shift their focus from cancer, even if just for a little while. The impact of such a simple act of kindness is immeasurable.

A Community United

Allison’s story is not just about one woman’s determination; it’s a testament to the power of community. She recognized that others wanted to help but might not have known how to contribute. Her hometown rallied behind her, and together, they made a substantial difference in the lives of those facing cancer. Allison even rewarded the community’s support by offering gift cards to a local coffee shop for those who donated and shared a selfie with a book bin – a small but meaningful gesture of gratitude.

Join Fathom Realty’s Culture of Service

Are you a real estate professional with a heart for making a difference? At Fathom Realty, we’re not just in the real estate business but dedicated to building strong communities through our service culture. Join us in embracing impactful initiatives like Fathom Serves, where we unite to uplift lives and create positive change. If you’re looking for a career beyond transactions and fostering a sense of purpose, contact us today to learn more about Fathom!