Are You Growing?

We understand how challenging our industry can be, which is why we have invested significantly in our Fathom's Agent Success Training (F.A.S.T.) Mentor Program. We believe that all agents deserve the best chance of succeeding in their chosen field. Therefore, we recently asked our experienced Fathom Mentors to recommend their favorite books for career and personal development.

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Here are what some of our agents have to say about the F.A.S.T. Mentor Program:

“I am new to this real estate industry. Fathom made it so easy with the F.A.S.T program to get me up to speed in no time. The best part is the technology, intelliAgent® is simple and easy to use. Great team to work within our district.” - Sasidhar Reddy (Sasi) Pullalarevu - Mentee

When asked what her favorite moment of mentoring was, Mentor Erin Sturges commented, “I have so many! I think every first sale is so exciting and such an accomplishment, but I also love to see my mentees become more comfortable with communications and negotiations as they complete the program. I love it when they start asking really hard questions that I have to think about about. That’s when I know that they’re ‘getting it’ and will be successful.”

When asked about how she approaches mentoring, Mentor Brandy Jett stated, “You’re there to guide them, but it’s what they take from it and how they apply it to their business and seeing them grow.”

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