Dagley Insurance Navigates the Insurance Industry’s Challenges with Exceptional Performance

June 6, 2023
8:00 am

The insurance industry has faced unprecedented challenges, resulting in certain states. These factors have resulted in carrier failures and significant rate increases for consumers. However, Dagley Insurance Agency (DIA) has emerged as a reliable partner in these turbulent times. Under the guidance of Marcus Henneke, the Executive Vice President, Dagley Insurance has showcased outstanding performance and resilience. This article will delve into a recent presentation by Marcus Henneke and highlight exceptional results achieved by Dagley Insurance.

Weathering the Storm

The insurance industry’s current state, commonly referred to as a “hard market,” has presented numerous obstacles for insurers and consumers alike. However, Dagley Insurance has demonstrated an ability to adapt and succeed amidst these challenges. By partnering with forward-thinking real estate agents and boasting a dedicated team, DIA has effectively helped consumers navigate the dramatic changes occurring within the insurance landscape.

Strength in Numbers

One of the significant advantages that Dagley Insurance brings to the table is its size. While large enough to offer the best carriers in the industry, DIA remains nimble and maintains valuable relationships with its clients. This unique balance allows Dagley Insurance to provide consumers with tailored solutions and exceptional value.

Impressive First Quarter Results

The agency’s first quarter 2023 results showcase Dagley Insurance’s exceptional performance. Total insurance premium has witnessed an impressive growth of 13.7%, while commission revenue increased by just over 13%. These figures are a testament to the dedication and expertise of the team at DIA in effectively matching consumer needs with the carriers offering the best value.

Unparalleled Closing Ratios

Dagley Insurance has outperformed industry standards when analyzing the attachment rate quote-to-close ratio across Fathom Holdings brands. For Fathom Realty referrals, the quote-to-close ratio for 1Q 2023 stands at 58.2%. Fathom Consumer Services achieved a remarkable 28.4% quote-to-close ratio, while Encompass Lending Group reached 46.9%. Additionally, Verus Title achieved a notable quote-to-close ratio of 25%. These closing percentages significantly surpass industry averages and reflect Dagley Insurance’s commitment to excellence and success.

Capitalizing on Referrals and Personal Insurance

DIA’s success extends beyond its lead-generation efforts. The agency has closed 44.6% of referrals for personal insurance and continues to make strides in its commercial insurance division. With a dedicated team focused solely on business insurance, Dagley Insurance excels in target markets such as real estate agents, general liability, business owner policies, and more, offering competitive premiums.

Thriving in Varied Commercial Markets

DIA’s commercial insurance division has experienced significant momentum thanks to the referrals from valued partners. As a result, Dagley Insurance excels in serving diverse commercial markets, including residential investment properties, artisan contractors (both commercial and residential), HVAC repairs, plumbers, general contractors, home builders, pool services, cyber liability, condominium associations, HOAs, and lesser-risk properties like strip centers and owner-occupied offices. This versatility further reinforces Dagley Insurance’s commitment to meeting the unique needs of its clients.