Fathom Des Moines Provides for School Kids’ Summer Needs

June 16, 2022
8:00 am

Fathom agents in Des Moines, Iowa recently pitched in to assemble hygiene kits for local schoolchildren to use during the summer. During the school year, school counselors meet the needs of kids who ask for hygiene help, but those needs often go unmet in the summer. Fathom’s hygiene bags are helping to bridge that gap until the Des Moines Community School District, which includes 13 schools and 9,000 students, goes back into session in the fall.

Fathom agent Jessica Worley headed the effort, in which agents donated hygiene items or money to purchase them. Agent Lisa Char was able to get donations of toothpaste and toothbrushes from a local dentist. School counselors greatly appreciated the kits.

“This project brought to our attention the needs of kids in our communities that the news doesn’t tell us about,” says Fathom District Director Amber Lesnick. “Being able to provide basic provisions to the kids is easy for us and makes a world of difference to them.”