Fathom NOCO’s Fiesta Fundraiser: A Night to Celebrate and Support First Responders

December 12, 2023
8:00 am
Fathom Realty’s Northern Colorado District Comes Together for a Worthy Cause

Imagine a life where your average life expectancy post-retirement is just five years. A life filled with constant adrenaline rushes, traumatic situations, and a work environment where emotions are kept hidden. This is the reality for our first responders, the unsung heroes who risk their lives daily to protect us. Many of them face post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and other mental health challenges. Fathom Realty’s Northern Colorado (NOCO) Team, comprising 21 agents, including retired first responders and spouses of first responders, understands these struggles all too well.

Fathom Serves Fiesta Supports, Revital Colorado

In a heartwarming effort to show appreciation for our first responders, Fathom NOCO organized a lively event aptly named the “Fathom Fiesta First Responder Fundraiser” on Monday, August 7th. This 21+ ticketed event featured a delicious Taco Bar Buffet with two complimentary drink coupons per guest. The evening also boasted a silent auction showcasing items crafted by first responders, along with door prizes and entertainment. All proceeds from the event benefited Revital Colorado, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting first responders and their families by addressing the physical and mental challenges they encounter during their vital work.

Revital Colorado: A Beacon of Support for First Responders

Founded in September 2020 by Jordan Long, a former Firefighter/Paramedic, and his wife Kym, Revital Colorado is on a mission to prioritize first responders’ mental health and wellness. The organization recognizes the immense physical and mental toll that the job can take and seeks to provide a preventative approach to addressing these challenges. They offer a safe space for first responders to engage in activities that allow them to open up and share their experiences and traumas with colleagues who truly understand. Revital Colorado hopes to promote healthier, happier first responders who can better serve their communities and families by fostering community and connection.

Revital Colorado offers an array of free full-day and half-day outdoor activities for first responders, including fly fishing, golf outings, archery, and more. They also provide opportunities for spouses and families to engage in relationship-building activities, recognizing the importance of support beyond the first responders themselves.

Recap of the Fathom Serves Event from Lisa Ketner, District Director – NOCO

The Fathom NOCO team organized a spectacular event that truly showcased their commitment to serving those who serve us—our first responders. Lisa Ketner, District Director of Fathom Realty – NOCO, expressed her gratitude and awe at the overwhelming success of the “Fathom Fiesta First Responder Fundraiser,” where sponsors and guests contributed over $16,000.

Ketner’s words underscore the essence of Fathom’s service culture: “To become great, one must embrace the servant role with gratitude and humility. Being a great servant involves placing the needs of others before your own and offering help and support selflessly. This mindset is a gift that fosters connections, encourages collaboration, and uplifts the entire community. In being a great servant, we find fulfillment and purpose in our positive impact on others’ lives.”

She extended her heartfelt appreciation to Fathom Realty NOCO and Molly Bussard for their dedication in putting together this outstanding fundraiser to support Revital and our first responders. The funds raised will go a long way in facilitating Revital’s outings, retreats, and upcoming wellness conferences, providing crucial support to those who sacrifice so much for our safety.

In the midst of laughter and fun, the Fathom NOCO team and its partners demonstrated the power of unity and service. Their commitment to making a meaningful difference in the lives of our first responders is a testament to the heart of Fathom Realty and the incredible impact it can have on communities.

Fathom Realty’s Northern Colorado District has once again exemplified the company’s guiding principle of service, proving that we can uplift and support those who selflessly protect and serve us daily.