Fathom Realty Iowa Joins Hands with Meals from the Heartland

November 28, 2023
8:00 am

In the heart of Iowa, a place known for its heartland values and the warm embrace of its people, a group of dedicated individuals from Fathom Realty, led by District Director Amber Lesnick, came together on August 16, 2023, to embark on a mission that would touch lives not just in their community but across the world. Their destination: Meals from the Heartland.

Meals from the Heartland: Fighting Hunger, One Meal at a Time

Meals from the Heartland is more than an organization; it’s a calling, a passionate response to the issue of hunger that affects not only their local community but also children around the United States and the world. Their mission is simple and profound: to package meals that combat child hunger in Iowa, the United States, and countries far and wide.

This is a collective effort of Midwesterners with big hearts, a shared commitment to serve, and a belief that they can make a difference, one meal at a time. As the Meals volunteers from the Heartland come together, they bring hope to the hungry and nourish bodies and souls.

The Patty Cownie Center: A Hub of Compassion

In 2014, Meals from the Heartland took a significant step forward in their mission by opening the Patty Cownie Center. This facility, made possible through generous donations, is the heart of their operations. It’s equipped with office space, a state-of-the-art Packaging Center, and a climate-controlled warehouse, ensuring their mission to fight hunger efficiently and effectively.

The impact of Meals from the Heartland extends far beyond Iowa. They partner with a vast network of strategic distributors, ensuring the food they package reaches the right hands. With careful attention to the social and political restrictions that vary worldwide, Meals from the Heartland’s food is distributed domestically to organizations such as DMARC, Backpack Buddies, Food Bank of Southern Iowa, and many more. Their global reach extends to places like South Africa, Haiti, Guatemala, and beyond, touching hungry children’s and families’ lives worldwide.

A Day of Unity and Impact

Seven volunteers from Fathom Realty Iowa joined other community groups to contribute to the fight against hunger. In just two hours, they achieved something remarkable – packaging 5,400 meals. For many Fathom volunteers, this experience marked their first time volunteering with Meals from the Heartland.

The meal packaging process is a symphony of teamwork, with each volunteer assigned a specific task on the assembly line. They scoop the noodles, add the spice, weigh them to ensure accurate portions, seal the packages, and finally box them for shipment.

The coordination and dedication displayed by the Fathom team were nothing short of inspiring, a testament to what can be accomplished when individuals come together with a shared purpose.

Amber Lesnick, District Director of Fathom Realty Iowa, expressed her pride in the team’s accomplishments. “Meals from the Heartland exemplifies true servant leadership in the work they do in our community and around the world,” she shared. Their commitment to service and the impact they create reflect the heartland values that run deep in Iowa.

Join Fathom Realty’s Culture of Service

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