Fathom’s Joann Gogo Goes Above and Beyond for the Military Community

March 16, 2023
8:00 am

Joann Gogo, Fathom – Montana, serves her community as a real estate agent, a Board member of her community Rotary Club and her local Board of REALTORS®, to mention a few. Her lineage and caring spirit for her Military family are remarkable and set an example for others. Learn how Joann dedicates her time, talent, and treasure to unite her diverse community.

Can you tell us about your Malstrom Air Force Base career and the activities you planned for the Military community?

From 2004 to 2010, I worked as the Commercial Sponsorship Coordinator in the Marketing Department at Malmstrom AFB, Montana. My role was securing in-kind and financial support from the Great Falls Business community to support programs and events that impacted the airmen and their families. 

Being a native of Guam and moving from Hawaii to Montana, I didn’t quite see much ethnic diversity until I worked at the Air Force base. Therefore, I spearheaded the Asian Pacific Islander Heritage Month in 2008 and 2009, showcasing our culture through food, education, and cultural performances. 

The Montana Multi-Cultural Fair at Malstrom AFB was a vision I brought to my Great Falls Community through the Rotary Club of Electric City (I am currently a Board member). The idea, approved by the Wing Commander, was to highlight the ethnic and cultural diversity in our community by inviting people from different cultures to introduce their ethnic foods, education, and entertainment. 

I enjoy sharing my culture with people I meet and am always excited to share my food. The intention was to bring us together in an environment where we could learn about the different cultures representing the base community. Enhancing our relationship with the military, civilians, and those who moved here was important. This event significantly impacted our airmen and their families, with about 2,000 in attendance. We are currently organizing the Second Annual Fair for 2023.

Are there other projects beyond the Multicultural Fair that you would like to highlight?

A group from the community raised $2,500 and prepared Thanksgiving meals for 100 Airmen in November 2022. The Airmen from the bases put a lot of volunteer time into our community, and it is a way we can show them our appreciation. Not only do they protect our country, but they live, work, and play in our community.

I am the current chairperson for the Military Affairs Ball, an annual event on April 22, 2023. The Ball is a way to show appreciation to our Military partners here in Great Falls. This event is attended by close to 200 people from our community and leadership from both Military installations.

Why did you pursue a real estate career and become a certified Military Relocation Professional (MRP)?

I was encouraged by my then-marketing director, who went into real estate and opened her brokerage firm here in Montana. Because I’m passionate about the Military, which comes from having a member in every branch of the Arm Forces and coming from the patriotic Island of Guam, it compelled me to learn more about how I could help our Veterans navigate homeownership.

What advice can you give someone just starting a real estate career? 

First, don’t be in haste to make that commission check. Real estate is a people profession; caring for people should be your top priority. This business takes care of not only individuals but also families. I have become more than an agent to the people I represent on both sides of this business. You are relied upon in many ways, and we must realize who we are to the people we represent – to me, that’s VALUABLE!

When and why did you join Fathom Realty? 

I joined Fathom Realty in April 2022 because it allowed me to keep more of my commission money to expand my support to the services I am passionate about. 

Are there other interests you would like to tell us about, such as the Greater Falls Association of REALTORS®,  hobbies, your family, or other activities? 

Three years ago, the Great Falls Association of REALTORS® recognized my efforts in raising nearly $8,000 for the Stand Up for Students fundraising event. The funds were more than double the amount raised in previous years’ events. In addition, I serve on the Budget and Finance Committee for the Association. 

I am married and have six children and nine grandchildren, and I love traveling to visit them as they all reside in different states. In addition, I enjoy camping and cooking for friends and family. I am passionate about supporting my community in any way possible, whether through civilian or military programs and events.

I serve in the following cubs/organizations:

  • Military Affairs Committee: Executive Member (former Chair)
  • Civ-Aires: Member
  • Exchange Club of Great Falls: President
  • Rotary Club Electric City: Board Member
  • Uptown Optimist Club: Member

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