Joshua Dutton Gives Families a Break at Thanksgiving

November 1, 2022
8:00 am

For the third year in a row, Joshua Dutton is helping his greater Denver, Colorado community one Thanksgiving dinner at a time.

Dutton, the father to two little girls and a Fathom Realty agent since January, is hoping to provide Thanksgiving feasts to 20 families this year. Each meal costs $61.

Dubbed “Give a Family a Break,” Dutton’s annual fundraiser focuses on “working families who have come on hard times and don’t have a built-in safety net,” he said.  

“This is handled as discreetly as possible and is a really good way to help people get a small break,” Dutton explained.

With the help of generous like-minded donors and a local catering company, Dutton hopes to help the families “forget for a day the stresses of life and financial hardship and enjoy family.”

So far, Dutton has raised enough money to provide 14 Thanksgiving meals. “We are just getting started,” he said.

“Each $61 pays for a meal to feed a family of five, plus leftovers,” Dutton said. “This is turkey, potatoes, gravy, rolls, sides, and this year a pumpkin pie.” The care package also comes with reheatable containers and instructions on reheating. The meals will be distributed the day before Thanksgiving.

Not only do Dutton’s efforts help fellow members of the community in need, but they also serve as a teaching tool for his daughters, ages four and six. They’re learning first-hand that “it is good to give when you can, whether that be money or time,” Dutton said.

“We all have gifts, and it is important to be thankful.”

Contact Joshua Dutton at 303-929-1802 or [email protected] for more information.