LiveBy Listed in T3 Sixty TECH 500

March 22, 2022
12:53 pm

Real estate management consulting and analytics firm T3 Sixty named Fathom Holding’s market data company LiveBy to its 2022 TECH 500 list. 

T3 Sixty’s technology team paid close attention to significant acquisition activity and noted Fathon’s acquisition of LiveBy as a step-forward in creating an improved real estate experience for brokerages, agents, and consumers.

LiveBy offers real estate agents a new way to connect with homebuyers through local market information. This hyperlocal content provides clients deeper insights into neighborhoods and streamlines the discovery process via LiveBy Local™, a robust suite of content products to help agents drive increased transaction volumes. Integrated into Fathom’s intelliAgent Software Suite, LiveBy Local™ is provided to current Fathom agents free of charge and includes customized community guides and market reports. As a result, agents can educate and empower their homebuyers with dynamic hyperlocal information to help them make more informed decisions on a community of interest.

“The Tech 500 has emerged as the benchmark for brokerages, teams, and agents searching for best-in-class products to power their businesses. Our technology team carefully evaluates products across all categories and produces the comprehensive, unbiased publication. The companies we feature have demonstrated stability, bandwidth, capital, and vision,” said Travis Saxton, T3 Sixty executive vice president of technology.

The technology products included in the publication are grouped according to T3 Sixty’s Real Estate Technology Landscape, a functional representation of the consumer sales cycle, delineated into sections. The LiveBy platform was included in the following categories:


  • Neighborhood/Commute/Lifestyle
    • This category includes providers of data and content that can be incorporated into real estate websites, applications, and reports.
  • Housing Market Reports
    • Housing market reports allow agents to produce or provide a local housing market report for a homeowner or potential buyer. Some of these solutions automatically send these reports to consumers, while others are designed to be used in presentations.


  • Business Coaching/Goal-Setting
    • These platforms include coaching and accountability features that display and report performance and guide users for what actions to do next to achieve their established goals.
  • Data Services
    • The data services category covers third-party services that help manage clients’ data. The term often involves services called “data as a service” (DaaS), which is Web-delivered services offered by cloud vendors that perform various functions on data, typically involving the use of API access.

Congratulations to the LiveBy team of Fathom’s intelliAgent for developing an outstanding product that is recognized by and serves the entire real estate industry!

Read the complete report HERE.