Should Commissions Be a Thing of the Past?

January 31, 2023
8:00 am

The January 2023 RISMedia magazine provided a platform for Fathom Holdings leaders to shed light on the age-old industry question, “Should Commissions Be a Thing of the Past?” The cover story is an amazing opportunity to share thought-provoking ideas with the greater real estate community.

Always making the agent the top priority, Fathom Holdings, Inc. Founder and CEO Josh Harley informed readers, “I founded Fathom with the belief that we could build a cloud-based, technology-driven, full-service real estate brokerage that provides our agents with the industry’s best commission plan without compromising on effective training and the highest level of support that our agents deserve. To me, giving our agents a chance to keep more money so they can reinvest in their business is paramount.”

Even with one of the best commission plans in the industry, as part of Fathom’s deep-rooted culture of serving and prioritizing their agents, Fathom’s leadership re-challenged themselves. “As we listened to our agents’ concerns about rising mortgage rates, inventory issues, declining sales, and economic shifts, we were called to step up. Because our agents matter to us, we wanted to provide a way for them to keep even more of their commissions,” stated Marco Fregenal, Fathom’s President and Chief Financial Officer. “We challenged ourselves to find a way to continue serving our agents. From that, we created our FREE4Life Agent Referral Program.”

Fathom’s intention to bring greater value to its agents and their clients is executed through relationships across all Fathom Brands. Specifically, Encompass Lending Group, Verus Title, and Dagley Insurance. Building these strong partnerships allows agents to remain at the center of the transaction while delivering seamless and exceptional service.

Read the entire cover article, including additional thoughts from Fathom Senior Leaders – Josh Harley, Marco Fregenal, and Samantha Giuggio.