Twenty Scholarships Awarded for the Spring 2023 Fathom Program

March 2, 2023
8:00 am

Fathom Realty is proud to announce its spring 2023 scholarship winners.

Twenty students from across the country were selected to receive $1,500 scholarships for the spring 2023 semester as part of Fathom’s twice-annual essay competition.

The scholarship program is open to the children and grandchildren of Fathom Holdings, Inc. employees and real estate agents. 

For the spring program, 38 students submitted essays for review and scoring by a panel of Fathom agents and district directors. Scoring was based on how well students addressed the essay prompt: How will you use your education to better your community and/or the world?

“Once again every essay submitted offered such a challenge to our Scholarship Review Committee to review and score. Our dedicated members were reporting the joy and challenge of reading and evaluating each. And, I heard numerous times from the team how encouraged they were to read about this next generation’s passion, drive, and vision.” said William J. Nunez, Director of Culture.

The competition is open to students enrolled in college or trade school. Names of the essay writers were withheld from the team of judges to ensure impartial scoring.

The scholarship winners are:

Alejandro Ortega
Cypress, TX
(Tamica Ortega)
Andrew Skerrat
Santa Clarita, CA
(Heidi Skerrat)
Claire Price
Indianapolis, IN
(David Price)
Cooper Langford
Houston, TX
(Amanda Langford)
Emma Wilks
Flower Mound, TX
(Michele Wilks)
Erin Alt
Comfort, TX
(Danye Alt)
Geshna Aggarwal
Cary, NC
(Sanjeev Aggarwal)
Kaitlyn Cook
Prosper, TX
(Julie Venegas)
Katelyn Schultz
Sugar Grove, IL
(Gayle Deja-Schultz)
Kayla Eisner
Lynchburg, VA
(Brian Eisner)
Lauren Henneke
Katy, TX
(Marcus Henneke)
Lukas Taurins
Sanford , FL
(Krista Taurins)
Mitchell Wilks
Flower Mound, TX
(Michele Wilks)
Monica Bonilla
Princeton, TX
(Roger Adams)
Nayelly Torres
Midlothian, TX
(Brittany Torres)
Rajah Venable
Stockton, CA
(Frankie Baker)
Sabriyya Rouse
Atlanta, GA
(Terence Rouse)
Tammy Mundale
Madison, WI
(Cindy Hong)
Taylor Lefevre
Fort Worth, TX
(Tiffany Lefevre)
Travis Sevin
Frisco , TX
(Rachelle Sevin)

At Fathom, our guiding principles lead us to success, growth, and fulfilled dreams for our employees, agents, and families. The Fathom Scholarship Program aligns with a service, charity, and family culture that builds trust and confidence in the company. Learn more about how Fathom can change your real estate career at